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    Systems Engineering

    Systems Engineering (SYE) is an interdisciplinary and structured approach to designing and deploying successful systems. Systems Engineering blends engineering, systems thinking, and management topics to address the business and technical needs of all customers. At SPSU, engineering techniques and a systems approach are combined to produce graduates who are highly valued for their problem solving and leadership skills.

    The curriculum emphasizes the development of large-scale, complex, and multifunctional systems in a number of domains. Core courses in the SYE Program have a strong case study and project orientation to facilitate understanding of the concepts discussed.

    Undergraduate Program

    SPSU is the only undergraduate program in Systems Engineering in the state of Georgia.  Students can choose electives that will prepare them for careers in the aerospace industry, nuclear power generation, automotive industry, or customize a concentration that suits their interests. 

    Additionally, we offer minors in Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Engineering that are available to SYE majors as well as other engineering and science majors at SPSU.

    We look forward to our first BS graduates in spring of 2013.

    Graduate Programs

    The Systems Engineering Program at SPSU offers a Master of Science and a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering. All graduate courses are offered online via several technologies that allow a high degree of interaction with the faculty and fit into today’s professional’s busy schedule.