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Curriculum for the Major

Southern Polytechnic State University’s (SPSU) Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology provides students with a program of study in modern psychology. Specifically, the program embraces a strong international component with a multi-disciplinary curriculum that will provide a balanced, career-based education in psychology with a wide range of skills and practical knowledge. In addition, the program prepares psychology majors for graduate programs in areas such as psychology law, business, and education. Three concentrations are offered: Engineering Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and General Psychology.

Engineering Psychology involves the science of applying an understanding human behavior interacting with the design of systems and products that improve human performance.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology involves the science of applying an understanding of human behavior with an emphasis on improving productivity and workplace quality.

Career opportunities for graduates with a B.S. in Psychology include: employment counselors, corporate counselor trainees, interviewers, personnel analysts, systems analysts, rehabilitation assistants, mental health assistants, probation officers and writers. Additionally, training in the development of research and writing skills will open opportunities in profit/non-profit business settings, public affairs, public health, sales and administrative support.

Requirements for the degree

University Core and Courses Required in all Tracks (pdf)
Courses Required in the Individual Concentrations (pdf)

Rotation for Psychology Courses (what should be taught when)

Course Descriptions--see Current Undergraduate Catalog

Learning outcomes for Psychology Courses

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