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Planning Schedule for Psychology

Course Rotation--Effective Fall 2013
(subject to change to adjust for faculty availability and student needs)
Note: This rotation does not include those required courses offered in other departments. See full list of courses required for your concentration.

R Required of All Majors
IR Required in Industrial / Organizational Track
CR Required in Clinical & Counseling Track
IE Elective in Industrial / Organizational Track
CE Elective in Clinical & Counseling Track



Course Code Course Title Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd   Fall Odd Spring Even Summer Even
PSYC 1000 Orientation to Psychology R       R    
PSYC 1101 Introduction to General Psychology R R R   R R R
PSYC 2011 Cognitive Psychology    R        R  
PSYC 2100 Quantitative Research Methods    R        R  
PSYC 2270 Engineering Psychology  R        R    
PSYC 2271 Clinical and Counseling Psychology    R        R  
PSYC 2273 Forensic Psychology    CE          
PSYC 2401 Psychology of Diversity    R        R  
PSYC 3000 Junior Psychology Seminar  R        R    
PSYC 3010 Educational Psychology



PSYC 3015  Theories of Personality         CR IE
PSYC 3020  Physiological Psychology  R        R    
PSYC 3031  Experimental Psychology  R        R    
PSYC 3040  Motivation and Emotion           IE 
PSYC 3101  International Social Psychology    R        R  
PSYC 3230

 Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3301  Psychological Testing         IR CR    
PSYC 3305  Developmental Psychology           CE  
PSYC 4000  International Psychology IR CE
PSYC 4050  History and Systems of Psychology    R        R  
PSYC 4130  Psychology of Aging         IE CE
PSYC 4220  Psychoactive Drugs, Behavior, and Society   IE
PSYC 4600  Conflict Resolution IR CE
      IR CE
PSYC 4800  Psychology Capstone Seminar    R        R