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Political Science Minor

To be eligible for a minor in political science, a student must complete  the courses listed below with a grade of C or better (total of 18 semester hours). Courses may NOT count BOTH as core curriculum requirement and toward the minor.

POLS 1101 American Government (3) may not be used for Core E-1; course offered Fall, Spring, and Summer

POLS 2401 Global Issues (3) may not be used for Core E-4; course offered Fall, Spring, and Summer

POLS 3001 Comparative Politics (3)

POLS 3301 Modern Political Theory (3)

POLS 3601 Contemporary World Politics OR
POLS 4301 International Political Economy (3)

POLS 3701 American Institutions OR
POLS 3801 Political Behavior (3)

To see when upper division courses should be offered, please consult the political science planning schedule.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact the Political Science Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Rotnem