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Pre-Law Minor

To be eligible for a minor in international studies, a student must complete the courses listed below (18 credit hours) with a grade of C or better.

POLS 1101 American Government (3)
may not be used to satisfy Core Area E-1 requirement

HIST 2112 U.S. History since 1877 (3)
may not be used to satisfy Core Area E-1 requirement

Any FOUR of the following courses:
POLS 3209 U.S. Constitutional Law (3)
POLS 3301 Modern Political Theory (3)
POLS 3401 Environmental Law and Policy (3)
POLS 3501 Intellectual Property Issues (3)
POLS 3701 American Institutions (3)
MGNT 3145 Legal Environment (3)

To see when POLS 1101 and HIST 2112 should be offered, see the SIS Core Planning Schedule. To see when other POLS courses should be offered see the Political Science Planning Schedule. To see when MGNT 3145 should be offered, please contact the Management Department.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact the Department Chair.