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Industrial Engineering Technology Department

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Apparel Textile Technology Program is to provide professional readiness through university-level academics for the global fashion/apparel, ready-to-wear industry.  Graduates shall be prepared to demonstrate leadership skills and knowledge of their chosen field. 

  • To prepare graduates with the fundamentals of concept creation, computer-aided design
     and product development applicable to fashion/apparel industry
  • To assess the issues relative to international product sourcing
  • To understand and interpret apparel/fashion marketing
  • To examine the fundamentals of retail merchandising
  • To augment the student’s central concentration through related courses in industrial
     engineering and business administration
  • To prepare students with the foundation for lifelong learning


Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a conceptual knowledge of the fashion/apparel industry
  2. Communicate effectively in written and presentation skills
  3. Demonstrate an ability to plan, execute and critique their concepts and ideas
  4. Identify, critique and evaluate emerging technologies and concepts applicable to their chosen field
  5. Demonstrate sound business principles and practices of the fashion/apparel industry   
  6. Demonstrate the ability to perform effectively in team environments
  7. Recognize the need for lifelong learning


Program Educational Objectives

A.  To prepare graduates with the fundamental understanding of concept, product
      development, sourcing, marketing and merchandising of the ready-to-wear apparel

B.  To provide graduates with an understanding of the political and ethical aspects pertaining
      to global product development.

C.  To prepare graduates with the basic knowledge for various entry level positions in the
      fashion/apparel industry.

D.  To provide a challenging curriculum consistent with industry needs.