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Graduate Assistantships


Southern Polytechnic's Graduate Assistantship Program is designed to permit progress, academically and financially, through a graduate degree program. The assistantship may be a component of the total academic program of a particular student, along with course work, a project or thesis, a practicum, and examinations. While graduate assistants progress toward an advance degree, they also receive practical experience under the supervision of faculty/staff.

 Graduate assistants occupy dual roles – they are both students at the university and temporary student employees of the university. In their student role, graduate assistants are expected to concentrate on their studies under the direction of faculty mentors as a means of developing knowledge of their field of study and their professional skills. As temporary student employees, graduate assistants are expected to meet the obligations assigned, whether they involve instructional or research related activities.


Graduate Assistantship Requirements:

  • Admitted into a Graduate Degree Seeking program
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA
  • Must be enrolled full-time (8-9 credit hours)




Proof of Insurance:

All GA's must either show proof of insurance or must purchase insurance through SPSU. Please refer to the UnitedHealthcare student resources page.