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First Year Composition

SPSU First Year Composition
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Student Resources

All SPSU students are required to take two courses in composition, English 1101 and 1102. These courses are designed to help you become a better writer, which in turn will make you a better student and better communicator in life.  So what does all this mean for you?
  • It means writing about ideas that matter to you and sharing them with real audiences.
  • It means learning to read actively and critically.
  • It means responding to the ideas of others in writing.
  • It means getting your ideas the attention they deserve by communicating them clearly.
  • It means working in state-of-the-art computer writing classroom and other online settings
  • It means creating a portfolio and keeping a journal.
  • It means getting to know your composition instructor one-on-one

Not so bad, right?

Through SPSU’s Composition Program, you’ll develop strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, ones that you’ll use in every college course—whatever your major.


“My style of teaching in English 1101 and 1102 can be best described as student centered and process oriented, which I think allows students a chance to showcase and improve their abilities as thinkers  and writers…

One of my main goals is to ensure that students always have support as they complete writing assignments throughout the semester.”

Terry Carter, Ph.D.
Composition Instructor