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Undergraduate Internships

Apply the skills you've learned in your undergraduate degree program in the English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department at Southern Polytechnic State University with an undergraduate internship. You'll make valuable career connections and gain hands-on experience working with communication professionals.

Do I qualify for an undergraduate internship?

You qualify for an internship if you

  • are pursuing an undergraduate degree program in the English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department,
  • have completed half your coursework beyond the core,
  • are not on academic probation, and
  • have at least a 3.0 GPA (overall).

How does an internship fit into my degree program?

An internship is a program elective worth 3 credit hours for BS Technical Communication majors and BA English & Professional Communication majors. It is an additional course in major for New Media Arts majors. An internship requires at least 120 hours of work. You will have both an internship supervisor at work and a faculty internship advisor who will monitor your progress.

How do I find an internship?

You are ultimately responsible for finding an internship, but the department will help you.

Will I be paid for the internship?

Consider your internship a learning experience; some will also pay you an hourly wage, and some won't.

What are internships like?

You may do extended work on one project or you may do a variety of shorter assignments. Your projects and assignments could include user documentation, public relations, editing, website design, graphic design, proposals, instructional design, project reports, multimedia projects, marketing materials, or any other genres related to your major.

How do I apply for an internship?

  1. Submit a letter of intent to Dr. Smith, the internship coordinator (, at least one semester before you plan to begin your internship. This letter of intent should include the following information:

    • Why you want to do an internship
    • How the internship will contribute to your career goals
    • What educational value the internship adds to your course of studies
    • When you plan to begin your internship
  2. Meet with Dr. Smith (J347) to discuss your letter of intent.
  3. Apply for internships related to your major.
  4. Email Dr. Smith when you have found an internship and describe your internship responsibilities in detail.
  5. Request that your internship supervisor at work provide Dr. Smith with an email containing the following information:

    • A comment that you have been hired on as an intern
    • A detailed description of your responsibilities and activities
    • The number of work hours included in the internship

Important: Only after Dr. Smith receives this email from your internship supervisor at work will you be registered for 3 hours of internship credit. You cannot register yourself for internship credit.


How do I complete the internship?

  • Meet with your faculty internship advisor at least twice during the semester you are working your internship.
  • Submit three progress reports to your faculty advisor.
  • Submit a log or notebook of activities/tasks you did during the internship to your faculty advisor.
  • Submit two final reports to your faculty advisor: 
    • A detailed formal report describing your internship with samples of the actual work you did during the internship.
    • A final memo report describing your internship experience.

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