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B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology

B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology Flowcharts
Electrical Engineering Technology - Bachelor of Science Requirements

(Bachelor of Science Degree Offered)

The Electrical Engineering Technology program prepares graduates to enter the technical workforce in a variety of fields. Communications, instrumentation, automation, control systems, power, robotics, computers, and medical electronics are but a few of these fields. Within these fields, Electrical Engineering Technology graduates are typically involved in areas such as: development, design, quality assurance, technical documentation, production, maintenance, test, field service, or technical sales.

EET students are required to take one project-based capstone course as part of their 13 hours of EET electives. Contact the ECET Department to obtain a list of acceptable EET project-based capstone courses. Any non-required upper division (3XXX/4XXX) ECET course, with the exception of ECET 3000, ECET 3010 & ECET 4830, may be used for the remainder of their EET electives. Students may also choose one course from outside the major to count as an EET elective. Contact the ECET Department to obtain a list of acceptable courses from outside the major that count as an EET elective.

Students may wish to focus their EET electives in a particular area of Electrical Engineering Technology. Suggested choices in the areas of biomedical, communications, digital, power, and telecommunications are listed below.


ECET 3020

ECET 3030

ECET 4010

ECET 4020

ECET 4030

ECET 4040

ECET 4050


ECET 4320

ECET 4330

ECET 4420

ECET 4431

ECET 4432

ECET 4450

ECET 4630

ECET 4820


ECET 3640

ECET 3700

ECET 4630

ECET 4710

ECET 4720

ECET 4730

ECET 4820


ECET 4510

ECET 4520

ECET 4530

ECET 4540


ECET 3810

ECET 4820

ECET 4840

ECET 4850

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