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D2L Migration

Schedule of User & Course information updated in GeorgiaVIEW D2L

December 21, 2012

Usernames, courses, and other information will be updated in Banner once everyday at Noon.

These updates begin January 2, 2013 and continue until January 21, 2013.

These same updates will also begin again March 1st and run through March 15th.

Access to GeorgiaVIEW D2L

December 20, 2012

Faculty and students can now access the new GeorgiaVIEW D2L environment.

Students will be able to access their courses as of January 1, 2013.

Desire2Learn Video Competition Winner

November 29, 2012

Winner of the Desire2Learn Video Competition

Desire2Learn Video Competition

October 2, 2012

Interested in video production? Want to win a cash prize of $100, $300 or $600? If your answer to both questions is “YES”, enter the Desire2Learn Video Competition!

Download the rules and information.

Special Announcement for Students:

August 22, 2012

As of  January 2013, SPSU will no longer be using GeorgiaVIEW Vista. If you have files stored in your "My Files" area in GeorgiaVIEW Vista, use these instructions to zip them and download them to your computer.


By selecting Desire2Learn as the next generation LMS, the University System of Georgia has positioned itself to enhance the educational experience of students and faculty. This will be called GeorgiaVIEW D2L.

SPSU moves to GeorgiaVIEW D2L:
January 2013

This page communicates expectations as this transition takes place. Continue to check this page for updates and additional information as it becomes available.

  • Training for faculty begins in September 2012.
  • The past two years of content from GeorgiaVIEW Vista will be copied to GeorgiaVIEW D2L.
  • Faculty will have to depend on Spring 2012 content to teach in Desire2Learn in January 2013
NOTE: Faculty will not be able to use Fall 2012 course content from Vista in D2L Spring 2013. Content from Fall 2012 will migrate mid-spring 2013.
NOTE: No more course development will happen in GeorgiaVIEW Vista.

It is recommend you export your gradebook out of Vista to an external location like a backup drive. Keep this safe in case of a records check or grade challenge.

The following content from GeorgiaVIEW Vista has been copied into GeorgiaVIEW D2L this Fall.

Content Migration
Term Start Date End Date
Spring 2012 Jun 2012 Completed
Fall 2011 July 2012
Summer 2012 Sept 2012 Completed
GeorgiaVIEW D2L Interview