Construction Management Department

SPSU CM GRAINGER Scholarship Application AY 2013

                        Last date for Submission TBA 5:00 PM with Ms. Sharon Hamrick

                         Awards will be applied to Spring student accounts


Grainger Scholarship  One $ 2000 Scholarship is currently available (dedicated for students who are in Facility Management Concentration BS CM Program)


1. Name: ___________________________________________________________


2. Identify CM Program you are in officially:    circle one


a. Graduate (MS)                              b. Undergraduate (BS)                             c. Certificate

Specify your Concentration in the undergraduate program _________________________________


3. Class:  circle one

a. Freshman              b. Sophomore                  c. Junior               d. Senior    e. graduate


4. Anticipated Graduation Date: _______________________________


5. List scholarships that you have received at SPSU or SPSU CM Department.  Specify date and amount awarded starting from the most recent award:


  1. __________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________


6. Cumulative GPA of CM & Core courses as on August 1, 2011:_________________

(Minimum 3.0 GPA is required by donor for scholarship award consideration)



7. Statement of your individual Financial Need for Scholarship  (100 words Essay):

Must be typed and attached to this cover sheet


8. List of Extra curricular activities related to the discipline of Construction Management.

Must be typed and attached to this cover sheet in the format of the following table


Extra Curricular Activities:






9. Must have completed two semesters or at least 16 credits of work at the CM Department, please highlight on the transcript (with a different color highlighter) when you started at the CM Department.


Applicant Signature: ______________________________________________________


SPSU Student Name and  ID #  _______________________________________________________


Email address ____________________________________________________________


Telephone #  _______________________________________________

Note:  Incomplete and Late Applications will not be considered for award.