To be considered for CMIAB Scholarship award, an individual must meet the following criteria:


  1. The applicant should be either an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in one of the Construction Management programs at SPSU.


  1. The student should not have received any scholarship during Fall or Spring or Summer.


  1. Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average.









1.     Applicants must complete the application form provided.  In addition to GPA, SAT scores, school extracurricular activities and full or part-time work experience will be considered.


2.     All applicants must submit a transcript.  High school students and those who have completed less than one (1) full semester of college must submit a high school transcript.  Applicants who have completed at least one (1) full semester of college must submit the most recent college transcript.


3.     The applicant has the option to submit a letter of recommendation along with the application.


Applications must be submitted no later than the specified date � 5 PM to Ms. Sharon Hamrick at the SPSU Construction Management office.  Applications shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with CMIAB Scholarship Application on the exterior.


Scholarship recipients will be announced as per schedule.


















Instructions:  Complete and submit this application along with the following:


            1)  Official school transcript up through latest term completed (if a college student, submit

                 a college transcript only.)


2)   Letter of Reference from school official/faculty member.





Applicant Information



Last Name                                           First Name                           Middle Name or Initial                        Social Security Number




Permanent Address          Street                                    City                            State         Zip Code          Telephone Number




High School Attended                       Street                                    City                             State                 Zip Code




College/University previously attended, if applicable.                                 Working  Email address(required):


Anticipated graduation date:                                     Proposed major:                                                            


Degree program for which you are enrolled/plan to enroll:


AA                    BA/BS                              MS                           Other                                                   

                                                                                                                       (Please Describe)


Student Status:   Full Time                      Part-time                  


Current GPA on a 4.0 scale:                


SAT Score (If first semester college student): Math                    Verbal                    ACT Score           

GMAT/GRE Scores: (If Post-Graduate)             


List previous scholarship awards at SPSU or at other schools (if any) and amounts.






Attach a copy of student's transcript.


Attach a copy of student's resume including but not limited to Course of Study, employment history, campus and community activities, individual or group honors and career plans.


Include a personal statement that reflects why you are currently pursuing a BS or MS degree in Construction Management and your qualifications for this scholarship.