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Baccalaureate Degree in Construction
Semester Undergraduate Course Descriptions


CM 1000 Orientation to Construction and Development 1-2-2

An introduction to construction industry careers; an overview of construction industry sectors and the industry’s impact on the economy; and discussion of the basics of the construction process. Also includes a preview of the construction degree curriculum and an overview of Southern Polytechnic policies, procedures, and resources.

CM 2000: Construction Graphics 2-2-3

A study of the fundamentals of graphic language used by construction professionals, with an emphasis on developing skills in expressing concepts in visual form and in reading architectural and engineering construction documents.

CM 2910, 2920, 2930, 2940 SPECIAL TOPICS 1-4 hrs variable
Prerequisite: Consent of Program Head

Special topics in construction.Offered by the program at its discretion.

CM 3000 Computer Applications in Construction 2-3-3

An introduction to microcomputers and commercial software. Students learn Excel and PowerPoint are taught in CNST 3000 along with the start of Primavera and Sure Track. Scheduling and estimating software are introduced.

CM 3110 Building Techniques and Methods I 2-2-3
Prerequisite: CM 2000

A study of materials, techniques, and methods used in residential and light construction. Foundations, wood frame and masonry structural systems, interior and exterior finishes, residential electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are included. Also included are residential building code requirements.

CM 3160: Building Techniques and Methods II 2-2-3
Prerequisite: CM 2000

A study of the materials, techniques, and methods used in non-residential construction. Site setup, earthwork, foundations, structural frames, building envelope, interior finishes and specialties are included. Special attention is given to installation techniques, planning work in the field, integration of building systems, and specialty trades.

CM 3180: Building Techniques and Methods III 4-0-4

A study of mechanical and electrical system types, how they are built, and how they affect the construction project. Topics will include air conditioning, heating, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, electrical lighting and building control materials and systems. The analysis of current construction drawings will be integrated into each topic.

CM 3210 Applied Structures I 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CET 2200

A study of structural design analysis and design concepts used in steel and concrete construction. Topics include selection of structural systems and the design of columns, beams, and other structural components.

CM 3260 Applied Structures II 2-2-3
Prerequisite: CET 2200

A study of structural design and analysis concepts of temporary structures used in the construction process. Topics include form work design, scaffolding, and material handling equipment and staging.

CM 3280: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Codes and Loads 4-0-4

Building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing loads and applicable codes. Emphasis is placed on how they affect the construction process. Topics will include air conditioning, heating, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, electrical lighting and building control systems. The analysis of current construction drawings will be integrated into each topic.

CM 3310 Introduction to Development 3-0-3
Prerequisite: CM 1000

An overview of development and planning including introduction to real property development principles and processes. The roles of professionals involved in the process will be investigated. The relationship of land development to urban planning, community organization, housing, and economic development will be explored.

CM 3410 Construction Estimating I 3-2-4
Prerequisite: CM 3160, CM 3000

A study of techniques in the process of construction estimating, with an emphasis on development of the quantity survey. The completion of a specification takeoff and a quantity survey of commercial construction are required.

CM 3411 Construction Estimating Software 1-2-2
Prerequisite: CM 3410

Hands-on computer application of commonly used commercial construction estimating software to construction projects.Instruction in use of the software.

CM 3420 Construction Estimating II 3-2-4
Prerequisite: CM3410

The continued study of the estimating process emphasizing pricing the general contractor’s work, including estimating procedures, development of direct and indirect unit costs, evaluation of subcontractor bids, bidding strategy and bid opening. The completion of an estimate, bid submission, and development of a schedule of values are required. Also included is an introduction to conceptual estimating.

CM 3430 Construction Estimating III 2-2-3
Prerequisite: CM 3410

A study of quantity take-off techniques and equipment productivity analysis necessary to development. Small scale development project budgeting will be analyzed from the developer viewpoint. Initial conceptual design budget is based on square foot or assembly pricing for the various construction systems and detailed estimate for the infra-structure costs including site work and utilities. Indirect costs associated with zoning, local codes, and ordinances, as well as soft cost associated with design and engineering, will be discussed.

CM 3480: Construction Estimating IV 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM3410, CM3160

A continuation of the study of the estimating process emphasizing the specialty contractor portion of the construction project. Topics covered will include the estimating procedure, soft costs, using standard industry references and software, and bidding strategy. A current set of Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical plans will be estimated.

CM 3500: Building Codes 2-0-2

An introduction to the building codes used in the construction industry. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of and practical implementation of code requirements. Specific codes addressed are the Fire Safety and Standard Building Code. An overview of the model plumbing, HVAC, and electrical codes is conducted.

CM 3620 Construction Finance and Feasibility 4-0-4
Prerequisite: MGNT 2101

A study of Financial Management for the Contractor, and Builder/Developer Organization. Topics include: balance sheet analysis using Percentage of Completion Method, Completed Contract Method with Absorption Analyses, and Work in Process Accounting regarding construction progress payments in excess of costs and estimated earnings. Ratio analysis for construction industry and bid and payment/bond performance. Cash flow projection for construction projects. Also included is building construction economics in terms of: Value Engineering, Constructability, building delivery systems and real estate processes for the Builder/Developer and Construction Management organizations. Graduate students will do additional work on construction cost accounting..

CM 3710 Site Planning 3-2-4
Prerequisite: CM 2000

An integrated theory and applications course that provides an exposition of theoretical principles associated with the site planning process, and then involves the students in hands-on application exercises. The inter-relationship between site planning decisions and their potential consequences will be demonstrated through practical exercises.

CM 3800: Construction Seminar 2-0-2

Business and management topics pertinent to the construction industry. The course consists of a series of seminar presentations by prominent industry representatives.

CM 3902 Workplace Law 3-0-3

A study of the legal constraints encountered in the workplace. Topics included are drugs and drug testing, sexual harassment, labor management cooperation, discrimination, worker compensation, foreign labor regulation, minority/women’s business enterprises and professional regulation.

CM 3910, 3920, 3930, 3940 SPECIAL TOPICS 1-4 hrs variable
Prerequisite: Consent of Program Head

Special topics in construction.Offered by the program at its discretion.

CM 4510 Scheduling 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 3000

A study of the management techniques used in controlling the time and cost of construction projects, including development of schedules and budgets, organization and presentation of project information, and updating and monitoring progress using critical path methodology. Development of a construction schedule and budget is required. Commonly used commercial software packages are introduced.

CM 4511 Construction Scheduling Software 1-2-2
Prerequisite: CM 4510 or approval of Program Head

Hands-on computer application of commonly used commercial construction scheduling software to construction projects.Instruction in use of the software.

CM 4560 Construction Project Management 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 3160

A study of delivery methods, the management of field operations and administration of the construction contract. Contract documents, project organization, supervision, working with owners and design professionals, control of cash flow, procurement, management of subcontractors, job records, contract changes and payment procedures are discussed.

CM 4570 Development Process I 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 4510

A study of development as a process with special emphasis on teams built around the developer. The various issues that must be considered by the development team will be discussed. These include conformity of the development process to sound business principles, adherence of development activities to relevant zoning and permitting requirements, and the potential environmental impact of the considered development.

CM 4480: Design Build 3-0-3

The course focuses on the design-build delivery method of construction projects starting with details of the process and how it differs from other project delivery methods. Topics will include building mechanical and electrical systems (A/C. heating, plumbing, electrical power, electrical lighting and building control) and how they are finalized and delivered in a design-build project. The analysis of current construction drawings also will be part of the course.

CM 4620 Development Process II 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 4570, ACCT 2101

An introduction to feasibility analysis for development projects including the costing of land, infrastructure and improvements. Application exercises in the eight stages of project development that assist the speculative developer/builder in creation of the built environment. Also included is an introduction to market analysis including development demand, demographics, and location theories.

CM 3190: LEED BTM IV 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 3180

The principles of construction project management applied to the LEED new building certification process. Emphasis will be placed on how LEED project certification influences the overall construction project. Topics will include LEED certification techniques for sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design. The following MEP systems will be covered from a LEED perspective ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical lighting and building control systems. The student will study, and analyze how management and LEED techniques are applied to current construction projects.

CM 4710 Construction Safety 4-0-4

A study of construction safety and loss control principles and practices. Topics include project security control, construction accident prevention, safety information sources, weather precautions, emergency planning, and OSHA procedures and regulations.

4760 Construction Law 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 4560

A study of Construction Contract Documents and Claims. Topics include: analyses of AIA B141, A101, A201, and contractual graphic and technical documents. Other supporting construction contract documents such as bid bonds, payment and performance bond and construction modifications are studied. The traditional tri-union construction contract formation process is examined in relation to the owner, contractor, material men, and subcontractors. Discussions regarding damages for differing and unforeseen conditions, defective workmanship, and construction delay claims are surveyed in conjunction with AAA construction arbitration rules regarding emerging construction manager contracting processes.

CM 4770 Development Law 4-0-4
Prerequisite: CM 4570

An examination of real property law, elements of land ownership, title of land in Georgia, eminent domain questions, estates and interest in land, zoning and easements, tenant landlord law, real property contracts, deeds, covenants, title examination and closing transactions, and environmental regulations

CM 4800 Construction Process Simulation 1-6-3
Prerequisites: CM 3420, CM 4510

Simulations and case studies of events that affect the construction organization and project. Topics and event simulations will include problems typically encountered in the construction industry such as changed conditions, strikes, inconsistencies in documents, surety assumption of the contract. Presentations by prominent industry representatives pertinent to the event being simulated.

CM 4900 Capstone Project 1-6-4
Prerequisites: CM 3620, CM 4560, CM 4710, CM 4800, and an approved graduation petition.

This project course is the application of course materials covered in the four year curriculum to an actual construction project with a simulated business construct. Project includes developing a company organization; preparing a bid on a construction project approved by course professor; and executing all documents necessary to create the company, implement the project management plan, and complete the construction contract.