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We have two management degree programs and a minor. The undergraduate degree is a four-year Bachelor of Science in Construction. The graduate degree is a Master of Science in Construction. The minor consists of a cross-section of CM courses for NON-Majors. Courses are offered in the day and evening in the undergraduate program and in the evening and on weekends in the graduate program. We also provide four areas of specialization: General, Development, Specialty and Facilities Management.


Our students are highly motivated non-traditional (translated "older") students with a wealth of experience. Most work at least part-time while they are in school. Most are from the Atlanta area but we have Asian/Pacific, Latin American, African, European, and Caribbean representation. 


Prepare students for professional construction leadership positions, with a sense of ethical and environmental responsibility, and prepare them for advanced degree programs.


Marietta is located at the foothills to the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia, 15 miles NW of the center of Atlanta along Interstate 75 in Cobb County. The population of the metro Atlanta area is approximately 4.3 million. Cobb County population is approximately 654,000. A very diverse and strong economic base exists in the area and construction is strong and is expected to be for some years.