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CM Masters Program Curriculum

All CM graduate students are expected to maintain the highest standard of academic honesty and professionalism. Any evidence of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, may be grounds for expulsion from the program.

Before completing the Masters Program requirements students must demonstrate competency in the following foundation subjects: English communication skills, construction graphics, construction methods and techniques, structural systems, construction estimating, computer skills, construction scheduling, and construction accounting and finance. Courses taken to show competency in these areas will not count toward the 36 hours required for the graduate degree. Competency can be shown by successfully completing coursework or by successfully completing competency testing developed by the Program.


Masters Program Requirements

A minimum of 36 hours of graduate work as designated below. A grade of "C" or better for each course is required.


Required Courses (16 credit hours)

  • CM 6000 Information Methods - 4 credit hours
  • CM 6100 Construction Law (or 61xx from elective listing) - 4 credit hours
  • CM 6200 Strategic Bidding and Estimating - 4 credit hours
  • CM 6600 Construction Risk Analysis and Control - 4 credit hours


Optional Courses (20 hours)

In addition to required courses students may choose the remaining required credit hours from one of the options below.

  • Elective Courses Option

Select from those listed below and Special Topics courses as offered.

*CM 61XX, 63XX, 64XX, 65XX, 69XX 20-hours


  • Thesis Option (CM 6000 Must Be Completed)

*CM 61XX, 63XX, 64XX, 65XX, 69XX 8-12-hours

CM 7801-7804 Master’s Thesis 8-12-hours


  • Project Option (CM 6000 Must Be Completed)

*CM 61XX, 63XX, 64XX, 65XX, 69XX 12-16-hours

CM 7701-7704 Master’s Project 4-8-hours

* Other 6000 level courses (as approved by Graduate Advisor)


Special Topics(CM 6000 Must Be Completed)

Special topic subjects may be offered on occasion by the Construction Program. These courses meet the Elective requirement category of the MS Construction program and may be taken if approved by the Graduate Coordinator.


Project/Thesis Requirements (CM 6000 Must Completed )

See Program Protocol for Masters Project and Thesis for course credit.


Independent Study(CM 6000 Must Be Completed)

See Program Protocol for Independent Study for course credit.





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