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Employment Placement

Job Posting

Due to the Construction Department’s relationship with the construction industry, students have better than average opportunities to gain employment while pursuing their graduate degree. There are job bulletin boards in the CM corridor. Full-time, part-time and Co-Op job listings fill up most of the space. We make no guarantee about any of the companies, the employment offered, etc. We simply offer a posting service to industry. Co-Op and full-time career opportunities also are available from the Career Services office in Howell Dorm. Anyone interested in interviewing for Career Services’ Co-Op and Career opportunities should register with Career Services.

Direct Interviewing

From time to time, construction companies want to interview CM students in our program facilities. Typically, they will arrange a Thursday noon or evening time to make a company presentation and talk with all interested students. They will follow-up with interviews on Friday. Students wishing to interview must attend the Thursday presentation. Sign up with the program administrative secretary or the industry placement coordinator for interview times. Students wishing to interview must turn in a one page resume and must dress for formal interviewing (suit, coat/tie or equivalent). Videotapes on "interviewing" are available on loan from the program administrative secretary. They may be viewed in our viewing room during regular program office hours.

Resume dissemination

Students may put their one-page resume on file with the program. The Program will fax those resumes on file when requested by a prospective industry employer. This continues beyond graduation for our alumni, if the student desires it.

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