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Advising and Operational Policies

All graduate students are to be advised each term by the Graduate Coordinator or assigned advisor. In straightforward cases, this may be done by email. Graduate Students are to receive a copy of the Handbook at the initial orientation and advising session with the Graduate Coordinator. Graduate Orientation occurs the evening of Registration Day. The program requires that entering students MUST attend this session. Please fill out the Graduate Orientation Evaluation Form and return it to the Graduate Coordinator.

Students are required to have email addresses. A free SPSU account can be obtained by applying in room H-244. Once you have an email address, please register it with the program administrative secretary.

Graduate students will be advised as to foundation competency requirements, program structure, and program policies at their initial orientation/registration for the program. Graduate students shall satisfy foundation competencies within the first three semesters after enrollment, unless otherwise arranged with the graduate coordinator. Please click link for Initial Advisement & Orientation Checklist.



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