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Masters Program

Origin & Developmental history

Construction Management (CM) Department initiated Master degree program in 1995. Since its inception the department has awarded 224 master degrees (through Summer 2013).

Goals & Objectives

Long Term Goals (LG)

LG1: Continue to update curriculum to reflect global and national construction industry needs.

LG2: Encourage involvement of graduate students in research initiatives.

LG3: Establish the Ph.D. program.

Short Term Goals (SG)

SG1: Prepare students for successful construction industry career.

SG2: Offer courses to prepare students for global and national construction industry needs.

SG3: Fulfill accreditation agency requirements for curriculum.

SG4: Encourage graduate students to write research paper and proposals.

SG5: Build capacity of the CM department and other resources for applied research.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1: Prepare bids and estimates for construction projects

PO2: Prepare construction schedule and manage project risks.

PO3: Carry-out project management related tasks.

PO4: Conduct research and disseminate findings through publications.

PO5: Pursue advanced degrees.

Correlation of MS Program Outcomes with Department Long and Short Term Goals
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