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BS Program

Origin & Developmental history

Construction Management (CM) Department started bachelors degree program in 1985. Students pursuing BS can follow one of four areas of specialization: General, Development, Specialty and Facilities.

Goals & Objectives

Long Term Program Objective (LPO)

LPO1: Continue to update curriculum to reflect global and national construction industry needs.

LPO2: Improve managerial/business skills of students to take leadership roles.

Short Term Program (SPO)

SPO1: Prepare students for successful construction industry career.

SPO2: Offer courses to prepare students for global and national construction industry needs.

SPO3: Fulfill accreditation agency requirements for curriculum.

SPO4: Encourage undergraduate student to participate in student competitions, industry events, and various professional chapter meetings. Encourage graduate students to write research paper and proposals.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

PLO1: Estimate construction project implementation costs.

PLO2: Produce construction project implementation schedules.

PLO3: Carryout construction project management related tasks.

PLO4: Demonstrate people skills to function as a team player.

PLO5: Demonstrate communication ability with construction project team members.

PLO6: Demonstrate capability to pursue advanced degree programs

PLO7: Analyze ethical, social and environmental responsibility of construction professionals

Correlation of BS Program Learning Outcomes with Department Long and Short Term Program Objectives