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Welcome to the Civil Engineering Technology Department where programs offered lead to careers. The CET Department and Faculty are committed to your graduation and future success

All of our programs and certificates provide the knowledge and skills for graduates to play an effective role in the rehabilitation of the nation’s infrastructure.  In addition, our programs emphasize sustainability and environmental control which are essential in today’s practice.  Our graduates are immediately employable and productive.  This ability of our graduates to “hit the ground running” is highly valued by industry employers. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Civil Engineering Technology Department of Southern   Polytechnic State University is to provide, through curricula in civil engineering technology and surveying the means by which the university addresses its mission. Degrees offered by Civil Engineering Technology Department prepare graduates for careers in the planning, development, design, construction, operation and management of both public and private facilities related to environmental, structural, surveying and  transportation systems. Degrees offered are the B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology (BSCET), B.S. in Environmental Engineering Technology, and B.S. in Surveying and Mapping.

Please review the website and direct questions to the department chair, Timothy Zeigler (  or phone 678-915-5495) or the department secretary Phyllis Eubanks ( or phone 678-915-7261).



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