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Cooperative Education

What is Cooperative Education?

Co-operative education is a nationally-recognized program that provides students with the opportunity to integrate classroom studies with “real-life” work experience.  Co-op students alternate periods of full-time academic study with periods of full-time work. These work assignments are supervised and closely related to the student’s academic program.

Advantages of Participating in Cooperative Education 

  • Apply skills learned in the classroom and expand your knowledge through degree-related work experience.

  • Test-drive your career choice or define an area of interest.

  • Get paid to work in your field of study.

  • Earn co-op credit and a co-op seal on your diploma.

  • Begin to develop a professional network.

  • Take a break from classes and studying.

  • Become more competitive in the job market and secure a higher paying job when you graduate.


To determine if you meet the co-op program criteria, please review the co-op eligibility requirements.

Students who wish to participate in the co-op program must meet with the co-op coordinator and register their co-op before going to work.  Students cannot register a co-op after they have begun working.

Application Process

Students are required to attend a Co-op Orientation before applying to the co-op program. Check the Upcoming Events page for the current semester's Co-op Orientation schedule.  Instructions on how to apply are covered in the orientation. You may also visit the Getting Started page to review the application process.

Co-op FAQs

Find answers to questions about the application process or program procedures by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. Still have questions? Email the Program Coordinator.

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