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Bachelors in Architecture

The Architecture Program at SPSU offers a 5-Year Professional degree in Architecture. This is the only 5-Year B. Arch Program in the State of Georgia. The Program is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board [NAAB]. Students upon completion of their professional degree are eligible to take their licensure examination after fulfilling internship requirements.

The guiding principle of vision for the Architecture Program at SPSU is to advance "Technologically Expressive" architecture. Fundamentally, this is a philosophical approach to design as opposed to emulation of au courant styles. This approach is the essence of what we call "making architecture" that fosters a buildable sustainable environment where theory and application become one. With this paradigm in mind, we are committed to train future architects to excel in local, regional and global markets.

NAAB Accreditation

B. Arch @ SPSU (152 undergraduate credits)
Next accreditation visit for the 5-Year B. Arch Program at SPSU: 2014

Join the Architecture Program:

Freshmen and Non-design Transfer students

Step 1: Apply to SPSU
Step 2: Successful completion of Architecture Summer Design Workshop

Design Transfer students
All transfer students with completed college-level courses in Architecture or allied discipline

Step 1: Apply to SPSU
Step 2: Submit the following for consideration towards appropriate placement in the Program and/or exemption from the workshop
........... Portfolio of academic design work
........... Official transcripts
........... Course Description related to official transcripts
........... Three letters of recommendation

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