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Architecture Facility designed by Heery International Architect opened in the spring of 2002. It is a State of the Art facility featuring 103,000 square feet of classrooms, galleries and support centers, studios, shops and labs, and a community design assistance center. It has won Design Excellence awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Building N

Building N - Interior

Building N Gallery

Given, the strong growth in the Architecture Program, the Design Foundation Program has found their new home in Building I. Fully rehab architectural spaces illuminated with natural light, nested in rolling landscapes offer a unique working atmosphere for our promising architects..

Design Communication, Building & Environmental Technology Lab
Design Communication Technology Core Lab/Classrooms are housed on the 1st floor of Design 1. Approximately 3,000 square feet of open space configured to accommodate two sections of 30 students simultaneously and a high-end digital lab of 16 stations supporting design communication, building technology and environmental tech core curriculum.

Periodic renovations of the Old Architecture Building have added new studio and supporting spaces comprising 17,000 square feet on the upper floor and 14,300 square feet at the lower floor.

A new Addition to Building I by Cooper-Carry Architects will comprise over 14,000 square feet adding six additional studio sections, and faculty offices and a 286-seat state-of-the art Auditorium.

Media Resource Center is currently located in the Professional Program Building: Building N. It is equipped with two large bed scanners [18"x 24"], one [24 x 36] and five [11 x 17] scanners. A large bed photocopier [24" x 36"] is used to copy larger prints. There are ten high-end HP Plotters to help cut down students' printing costs of their design projects for both fall and spring semesters. Media resources are continuously updated to stay current and competitive. Students are given every opportunity to grow through "hands-on" experience with the latest technology to be competitive in local and global markets of the 21st Century.

Media Resource Center in Building N

The Architectural Library collection is located in the 58,000-sq. ft. Main Library at Southern Poly. The central library building, which houses over 150,000 books and 50,000 non-book items, is the core of campus activity at Southern Poly. SPSU Library is fully connected and supported by the Georgia University Systems.

The Architecture collection and books dealing with some of its directly related areas are located in a 1,500-sq. ft. area in the center of the main library complex including periodicals and journals key to the architecture profession. This light, airy space in a secluded location provides an amiable environment for the architecture collection.

The Material Resource Lab provides a variety of material finishes and product that offer hands-on insights to application. The adjacent Building Systems Lab is equipped with high-end day-lighting and energy conservation and structures software. In addition, state of the art solar-responsive design studies are supported by a Heliodon. Structural testing of student built projects is performed in the Civil Engineer lab of School of ACC.

Wood shop provides students a hands-on experience to build with state of the art machines. The space is equipped with an array of woodworking equipment, power tools and hand tools. An outside construction area is provided for projects not suitable for the indoors. The space is an open area visible to public with controlled student access to some areas. A shop office is included in the space for direct observation and supervision. Equipment storage is also included in this space with telephone and computer access.

Digital fabrication Lab is equipped with the state of the art 5-axis CNC router that fully supports digital fabrication of complex design projects. In addition, four laser cutters provide ample opportunities for cutting edge development to realize design concepts into production that are otherwise not possible by regular wood shop machines.

Woodshop and Digital Fabrication Lab