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Bachelor of Architecture


The B.ARCH program at SPSU is a 5-year, NAAB accredited, first professional degree in architecture, leading to eligibility for licensure (Architectural Registration Exam).

The Program is centered on the ten-semester studio sequence that proceeds from the basic fundamentals of design and architecture, through the technical aspects of building and comprehensive design, to investigations of the urban condition. It culminates in the fifth year’s exploration of architecture as a form of design research. Reinforcing the studios are sequences in design communication, architecture culture, structure, environmental technology and professional practice. Collectively, they provide the more holistic understanding of the design process necessary for the production of functional and meaningful architecture.

The program begins with a three week Summer Workshop designed to introduce the student to the tools of the studio, design concepts and studio culture as well as provide a basic orientation to the college.

First year starts with an orientation to architecture designed to introduce the student to the culture of the profession, important precedents and the significance of design. First year studios introduce the student to the basic orthographic projections and drawing media, foundational design concepts and frameworks for conceptualizing architecture including formal and phenomenal positions.

Second year furthers student’s abilities to conceptualize, represent and manipulate architecture, engage in critical precedent analysis, investigate materiality and structural systems and learn to respond to program and site.

Third Year focuses on small to medium scale projects integrating design and technology, with special attention to organization, spatial sequencing, and patterns of use.

Fourth Year begins with the Comprehensive Design studio in the fall where students work on medium scaled projects focusing on building systems integration, structures and building envelope systems. This is followed in the spring with the UrbanLab design studio that examines the complex demographic, environmental and infrastructural components that make up the city.

Fifth year starts with the Focus Studio intended to introduce the student to design research and its application, while adhering to creativity, critical thinking, processes of making and constructability. The program invites all design professionals and educators to submit proposals for the studio in a competitive process. Students then elect to take studios from selected proposals.

During the fifth year the student will also work on his or her Thesis project. The Thesis is the last major step toward graduation with a B.ARCH from SPSU. It provides an opportunity for the student to systematically explore a coherent line of investigation of issues relevant to the field of architecture.

Bachelor of Architecture(Total 153 credit hours)

B.Arch. Curriculum

 Join the Architecture Program:

 Freshmen and Non-design Transfer students

 Step 1: Apply to SPSU
Step 2: Successful completion of Architecture Summer Design Workshop

Design Transfer students
All transfer students with completed college-level courses in Architecture or allied discipline

 Step 1: Apply to SPSU
Step 2: Submit the following for consideration towards appropriate placement in the Program and/or exemption from the workshop
........... Portfolio of academic design work
........... Official transcripts
........... Course Description related to official transcripts
........... Three letters of recommendation

 Minor in Architecture

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