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My Advisor

Who is my Advisor?

To determine who your advisor is, log into DegreeWorks (accessed through Banner) and your advisor's name will be listed in one of the top boxes on the page.  It is recommended that you identify your advisor using the DegreeWorks system. This way, you can be certain that any changes to your assigned advisor are current and up-to-date.

To access DegreeWorks, you must first log-in to your Banner account. (

  • Click "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  • Click "Degree Works - Degree Audit"
  • Click the "Degree Works" button to be redirected to the DegreeWorks homepage
  • Click the "Planner" tab in DegreeWorks
  • In the main window, the name of your assigned Advisor is listed after "Advisor"

More information about DegreeWorks

You may see more than one name listed in DegreeWorks in the Advisor box.  If this is the case, one name is your registration advisor that helps with registration issues, and the other name is your faculty advisor/mentor that you can visit for career-related or degree-specific advice.

Professional Advisors

Each school has a professional advisor to assist the faculty advisors. To learn more about the role of the professional advisor in your school, check out the Professional Advisors page.

List of Professional Advisors


Faculty Advisors by Degree

For general reference, you can also see a general list of SPSU advisors by degree.

View All Faculty Advisors by Degree