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What is Academic Advising?

Advising is an on-going partnership between a student and his or her advisors that empowers the student to plan for academic success. Advisors help students with the "here & now," as well as with future coursework and career planning. Among other things, advisors:
  • Empower students to develop their 2-year educational plan
  • Discuss appropriate courses & additional educational experiences, such as internships
  • Evaluate progress toward established goals and degree requirements
  • Discuss career options and opportunities
  • Interpret & clarify university policies and procedures
  • Enhance awareness of educational resources, such as the Career & Counseling Center or the ATTIC
  • Have the knowledge to appropriately refer students to other important departments on campus, such as the Registrar's Office or Financial Aid
  • Help to develop decision-making skills
  • Understand and help to resolve transfer issues

The Student's Role in the Advising Process
As a student, it is important that you:   
  • Share your concerns and questions about your education with your advisor
  • Be open & honest so your advisor can help connect you with helpful campus resources
  • Understand that you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make
  • Make & attend advising appointments and be actively involved in your education
  • Learn to make decisions. Your advisor can present options and guide you in the process, but you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make regarding your education.
  • Be knowledgeable of your program requirements
  • Use DegreeWorks to enter and update your 2-year academic plan
  • Be aware of important deadlines


Getting Started

To get started, check out the FAQs on this page or contact your advisor.  To determine who your advisor is, log into DegreeWorks (through Banner) and your advisor's name will be listed in the top boxes on the page.