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Handbooks from our workshops are available in the Guides section. We also have a variety of Tutorials with instructions for specific actions.


OU Campus (department pages)
 - Web Editor Training Workshop Guide
 - Quick Reference Guide
 - LDP Forms
 - Image Gallery
 - News Training 
 - Assets Training

OU Educate (faculty pages)
 - Workshop Guide


 - Editing a Page
 - Create a New Page
 - Create a New Subsection

Page Properties
 - Edit the Page Title
 - Static Banner Setup
 - Random Banner Setup
 - Select Features to Show
 - Edit Contact Info
 - Edit General Info
 - Edit Department Features
 - Editing Meta Tags

 - Insert a Link
 - Modify a Link
 - Remove a Link
 - Link to an Anchor
 - Link to External Pages
 - Link to a Document
 - Use an Image as a Link
 - Edit Navigation
 - Edit Sub Navigation

 - Insert an Image

 - Embed a YouTube Clip

 - Zip Upload