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Web Editor Quarterly Meeting

The Quarterly Meeting of SPSU Web Editors was held on October 15, 2013. The mobile initiative is moving forward, with the SPSU mobile application, mobile web, and responsive design in process to be finished by late this year or early 2014. The mobile web and responsive design will increase the mobile accessibility of the SPSU web site by allowing it to be viewed on any portable device in a format that scales to both large and small screen sizes. The SPSU mobile application will provide access to a variety of student services, from campus news to student course schedules and registration. If a department would like a mobile application, please work with Stephanie Coleman and Jamie Boardman.

In addition to rolling out the mobile initiative in the next few months, the content management system, OmniUpdate, is upgrading to version 10. This update will require retraining of all web editors. Web Services priorities are the launch of current initiatives then the rollout of the new version.

University Communications is working with the Editorial Calendar Committee to determine potential content to be captured and distributed, and the appropriate media to use for the distribution. Please allow University Communications to assist with the marketing efforts of your events. Events that you would like to have listed on the SPSU homepage “Upcoming Events” calendar should be sent to Trish Buchanan at trish@spsu.edu. Please include the title, date, time, place, and a very short description of the event.

Web Services and University Information Technology Services plan to develop a campus Intranet, with the goal of creating a space for our internal audience of faculty and staff for employee and team communication and collaboration. This space will be accessible via password, and will allow the University website to primarily market to external audiences.

As a final note, thanks to everyone for using the Help Desk for matters concerning web support. It is making it much faster for our team to respond to your needs. Thank you!