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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does my department or program need a website?

A: If you just want a site for a 'presence' on the web, the answer is probably no. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What purpose does your site fulfill?
  • What content will be on the site?

Please contact Web Services to set up a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Q: How do I get a website?

A: SPSU offers a variety of website solutions:

  • Faculty need to submit a workorder to request space on OU Educate.
  • Organizations will need to apply through Student Life for space on OrgSync.
  • Departments and Programs will need to submit a Website Request Form for space on OU Campus.

Q: What do I do if I receive an Access Denied error?

A: You may have logged into the system from a page that you do not have rights to access to make edits OR you may have been locked out of the system due to entering an incorrect password too many times.

Entered from a page that I do not have rights to access...
If you are able to navigate to Content then Pages, you have successfully logged into the system and now you must navigate to your webpage. Click Pages link in the dark blue bar beneath Content and navigate to your department.

Can't login to OU Campus / OU Educate?
Only authorized users may access OU Campus and OU Educate. If your login password is entered incorrectly too many times, you may become locked out of the system. If this occurs, please contact SPSU Web Services to have it unlocked.


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Q: How do I find the page that contains the error(s) in my report.

A: Click on the title just above the listing of broken links or misspellings, and it will open your browser to the webpage.