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Vice President Business & Finance

Michael J. Foxman, CPA
Interim Vice President for Business & Finance


Vickie Spratling

SPSU Vice President for Business & Finance
Building B - Suite 121
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

Phone (678) 915-7232

Fax (678) 915-5556


The Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance is responsible for the management of the financial and physical resources of the University.  Fiduciary responsibilities include the areas of campus services, budget, facilities, fiscal affairs, human resources, mail services, police and procurement.  Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service to our constituents:  the students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors of Southern Polytechnic State University.


Campus Services          
Campus Services is in charge of maintaining and operating all of the auxiliary services on campus.  Auxiliary services are independently funded and do not use any state or tuition monies. These services include student housing, dining, hornet card, parking & transportation, and the bookstore.


Budget Office
The Budget Office is responsible for developing and maintaining the University's budget.  They also provide grant administration for federal, state, and private grants awarded to the University.

Facilities is responsible for the physical and environmental maintenance, renovations, planning and design services, major new projects, upkeep and operations of buildings, sidewalks, custodial services, surplus items, shipment receiving, landscaping and much more.


Fiscal Affairs
Fiscal Affairs is responsible for student accounts, general ledger accounting, travel, accounts payable, and financial reporting. In addition, Fiscal Affairs is responsible for maintaining accurate accounting records for the entire University.

Human Resources                                           
Human Resources is responsible for working with hiring committees to fill vacant employment positions. In addition, they are responsible for managing compensation, upgrading/updating employment personnel policies. They also manage benefits for employees, keep track of personnel files, and oversee the payroll process.


Mail Services
The SPSU Contract Postal Unit receives, distributes and processes all incoming and outgoing mail.  The University Post Office also provides the university community with convenient access to mailing services and products.


Procurement Office
The Procurement Office facilitates the procurement of goods and services for the University.  Their goal is to provide the best value possible for all goods and services purchased while insuring compliance with local, state, and federal procurement practices.


University Police
The University Police Department’s primary purpose is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment which is conducive to teaching, learning, working and living, while providing professional law enforcement.

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