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The Weekly Blab 3.4

The Weekly Blab

Vol. 3, Number 4—September 17, 2008


Dear Colleagues,


As always, I’m listening to some music as I’m typing the Blab.  Today’s selection is by Nat King Cole (actually, the King Cole Trio, which he was part of in 1941-1944 when this music is from), with either Nat on vocals, or Anita O’Day.  Great stuff.  See below for this issue’s trivia challenge.


Reminder—the Engineering Technology Center groundbreaking ceremony will be on September 25 at 9 AM.   Governor Perdue is still scheduled to attend.  Hope to see you there.



Do We Know Anything About the Budget Yet?

The answer is no.  We have heard that state revenue collections are down between 6.8 and 7%, but no final decisions have been made, and none will until the first quarter results are in—which is October.  Will we know then?  We’ll see.  What’s happened so far is that our budget allocation has been cut by 6%, so presumably that’s the floor of the possibilities.


Milestones Week Wrap-Up

I hope that everyone had a chance to attend one or more of the various Milestones Week celebrations.


I’d like to thank Rich Bennett, Walter Thomas, Rev. Harris Travis, and Alan Gabrielli for participating in Convocation, and President Emeritus Cheshire for being kind enough to send his letter of congratulations.  For those who weren’t able to attend, President Cheshire’s letter congratulated Lisa and the campus community for the growth and success of the University over the past years since his presidency.  An interesting fact that he mentioned was that the College’s first year total budget was $60,000!  Rich Bennett talked about the earliest years here, and Harris Travis, Walter Thomas, and Alan Gabrielli talked about more recent times.  Special congratulations to SPSU’s 2008-2009 Teacher of the Year, Lance Crimm, and special thanks to Debbie Patrick, Dianne Summey, Mary Philips, David Stone, and Bobby Burk for their help with the logistics for the event.  And yes, the version of Pomp and Circumstance for the processional was very cool.  It was by Wolf Hoffman, for those who wanted to know.


That same evening, an Art Show and Auction was held in the Architecture Building Gallery.  The show was great, featuring napkin art from more than 50 architects, artists, cartoonists, and students.  Napkin art is just what it sounds like—a napkin was mailed to the participants, who created a piece of art on it or with it, which was then framed and exhibited.  The minimum bid for each piece was $50, and many of them attracted multiple bids and went for very nice prices.  The proceeds go to the SPSU Foundation for student scholarships.  Congratulations to all involved for putting on such an imaginative and fun event, and for such a good cause.


Another nice event was the Authors Reception, an annual event sponsored by our library colleagues.  It’s great to see the many publications written by our faculty and staff, and even better to note that the number of publications is increasing each year.   Especially interesting was Joyce’s discovery of the 1961 school song.  The library is sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with a set of updated lyrics, which is kind of too bad, because how many school songs make reference to a slide rule?


The seminars on sustainability by Dr. Joy Doran-Peterson and on Martian geology by Dr. Lisa Pratt (our Lisa’s grad school roommate) were both very informative and interesting.  And I’ve never seen as long a line on this campus for anything as there was for the Community Cookout catered by the Varsity yesterday.  I have no idea how they crammed so many hot dogs and hamburgers into that truck!


Overall, it was a great celebration week.  Now on to the 61st Anniversary!


What We’re Working On

Something that all ongoing faculty should know, but that new faculty might not is that minutes from the various academic affairs committees (Deans Council, ALC, etc.) may be found online at http://fac-web.spsu.edu/aa/minutes.htm(new link = Meeting Minutes).  Please note that there is a location on that page to click on to take you to standing committee minutes of the faculty.

These pages are updated as new minutes get written and approved, so it’s a good idea to check it once a week or so if you want to know what’s new.


Something new on the Deans Council and ALC minutes is that we’re maintaining a spreadsheet of the issues that we’re working on at the moment, with columns to indicate what the current status is and what the next step will be.  So, if you’re interested in the status of any active item, you can track it on a weekly basis.  This began with the September 10 Deans Council minutes, and I’ll try to include it in all future minutes.


This Week’s Trivia Challenge

The Nat King Cole disc that I’m listening to is called the “MacGregor Transcriptions”.  What is the meaning of the word “transcription” in this context?  First correct answer emailed to me wins a Nat King Cole cd.