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GoalQuest Advising Template

Welcome to [Student Name]’s Online [Student Major] Advisor!

We hope you will check this page often, because your advisor, your major department and the University will be sending you lots of important (and useful!) information here. 


It’s All About You

Here’s what our database tells us about you:

            Your Name:  [Student Name]

            Your Address:  [Student Address]

            Your Major:  [Student Major]

            Your Year:  [Student Level, i.e., first-year, second-year]


If any of this is incorrect, please click here to update your information.



A Message From the [Student Major] Department Chair


                                                                                                [jpeg of Chair?]

Hi, I’m [Department Chair Name].  We’re very glad that you’re a student in our program. We’re here to help, so here are some easy ways to contact me if you have any issues that you need to discuss.  You can contact me by email at [email address].  You can call my administrative assistant, [Assistant Name] at [Assistant Extension] to set up an appointment to see me. 


We’re very proud of our program in [Student Major].  If you’d like to read a little about the program and its goals, please click here.  We’ve also prepared some information about the [Student Major] faculty, their interests and their backgrounds, which you can visit by clicking here.


Lower down this page, there is some advising information that I know you’ll find to be useful.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it. 


I look forward to working with you over the coming year.



Advising Information


Your faculty advisor is [Faculty Advisor].  Please click here to see [Faculty Advisor]’s information and contact page.  We recommend that you schedule a time to meet your advisor during the first two weeks of the term, and again just before registration.  If you’d like to meet more often than that, that would be even better.


The most common advising question that students ask is “What should I be taking this year?”  The link below summarizes that information for the “average” student.   Since we don’t look at you as average, you will probably want to discuss how you might adjust this “standard schedule” to fit your specific career goals when you meet with your advisor.


Basic Information for [Student Level] [Student Major] students    (active link)

The second most common advising question that students ask is “Is tutoring help available for me in the subject’s I’m taking?”  SPSU offers free tutoring in a variety of areas.  To see the current tutoring schedule, please click here.  Additional help is available from the Advising, Tutoring, Testing, International Student and Multicultural Affairs Center, otherwise known as the ATTIC.  Click here for more information.



Career Information


It’s never too early to start thinking about your career.  SPSU students majoring in [Student Major] have gone on to do lots of interesting things, both while they were here at the University, and after they graduated.  Some of these students were just like you.  Find out more by clicking here


Did you know that SPSU also has a Career and Counseling Center?  They can help you with resume writing, finding a job, salary surveys, networking, and so on.  They offer workshops on a regular basis, too!  Click here to find out more.



Getting Help


Sometimes, the pace of taking courses, managing your job, and dealing with family and personal issues can be overwhelming.  Relax.  We care, and we can help.


As mentioned earlier, sometimes a little tutoring is all that it takes to make your courses go better.  Click here for this terms tutoring schedule. 


We also have a Counseling Center, where you can get free, confidential help with personal issues (adjusting to college, relationships, conflicts, anxiety) and academic issues (studying, test taking, managing your time).  Click here for more information.



Message Board


Watch this space for messages from your advisor, from your department, and about upcoming activities.


(message links)