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Engineering Update 11-29-06

SPSU Engineering Update

November 29, 2006


Welcome to this, the second edition of the SPSU Engineering Update.  It has been two weeks since the last update and the halls of SPSU have been buzzin’.  So what’s happening?


Fifth engineering program progress:

The fifth engineering program went to the Senate and was unanimously approved.  The Bachelor of Science in Engineering with concentration in Systems Engineering is proposed and will be presented as part of the Senate meeting minutes at the next General Faculty meeting.  Slated to begin the fall semester of 2007, the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, when approved by the Board of Regents, should provide many opportunities for SPSU students.  I’ll continue to keep you posted on the progress.


The Four Engineering programs:

Those of you who attended the open house know that the two newest engineering programs, mechatronics and construction engineering, received lots of attention from prospective students and their parents.  At the breakout session in the CET department Professors Beadles, Oh, and I fielded lots of good questions.  One question which stood out was, “Why should my son attend SPSU for engineering rather than……?”  It’s a fair question that deserves a fair answer.  Should you be asked that question, here’s an easy response.  No other school in the southeastern United States offers a B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering and a B.S. in Construction Engineering, both cutting edge innovative interdisciplinary programs which exemplify the future of the engineering profession throughout the world. 


That’s the easy answer for two of SPSU’s four engineering programs.  Next, update I’ll give you the easy answer for the other two.  If you have questions about any of these programs or know students or prospective students with an interest, please contact Barbara Thomas for SWE, Russ Hunt for SyE, Glenn Allen for ME, or me for CE.


Praise for our President:

Next time you see President Rossbacher, thank her for all the work she has been doing downtown with the BOR, legislature, etc.  Without all of her hard work behind the scenes I am convinced we would not have any engineering programs at all at SPSU.


What is Engineering at SPSU?

Last time I mentioned that a workshop to identify the differences between engineering and engineering technology at SPSU was in the planning stages.  That planning has progressed and a formal announcement should be forthcoming by the end of the semester. 


Engineering IAB’s Meeting Scheduled

IAB stands for Industry Advisory Board and is viewed by ABET as an essential part of the assessment and evaluation process.  To that end, each engineering program has or will have an IAB which will meet periodically to review the program and provide input with regard to the appropriateness of Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes.  Rather than have all of the IAB’s meet at different times, SPSU will have the IAB’s for the four engineering programs meet on campus in early February.  This meeting will be designed, in part, to showcase SPSU and solicit support for the programs, while providing valuable input to the continuous improvement process. 


Last, but not least

Well, that’s the second update.  Once again I’ve tried to be mercifully brief and hit just the high points.  If you’d like more information about any of the topics addressed herein, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My office is now in building J room 301 and I’m told my phone will be operational soon with the same phone number as before.  Look for another update in a couple weeks or so.  By then, I should have more information on our upcoming events, some plans for recruiting and retention, and what’s happening with the Engineering Planning Committee.  Until then, thanks for supporting engineering at SPSU.