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Extended Deans Council Meeting

November 13, 2013

B 120


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Jill Brady, Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Iraj Omidvar, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Dave Caudill, Jeff Orr, Jeffrey Ray


Guests:  Sylvia Carson, Tom Ball for Jeffrey Ray


Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Consolidation of SPSU and KSU – was approved at the BoR meeting yesterday.  Szafran spoke generally about the consolidation and what affect this might have on our accrediting agencies.  May not have to do the SACS 5th-year report and the QEP but we will be required to submit a substantive change report along with KSU.  NAAB representatives emailed Rich Cole today with positive comments about the merger.  Szafran talked about the three students who represented SPSU at the Board meeting yesterday and what a great job they did. Szafran expects that the consolidation implementation team will be formed soon.  
  • Searches in progress - Szafran stated that any search still in progress has been placed on hold and will be discussed at the Senior Staff meeting on Tuesday to determine whether the position is critical or not and whether or not it should be filled.  
  • ABET Engineering visit - Currin stated that they received an excellent accreditation review and while there are still some things that must happen he expects that all five programs will receive full accreditation.  Of note, Szafran stated that there were no deficiencies whatsoever noted and that this is historically the first time this has happened at SPSU.  Han corrected him to say that their school also received no deficiencies when they went through accreditation.
  • Sylvia Carson announced that she has accepted a position at Georgia Tech and will leave at the end of the month.  Everyone wished her well.
  • Jill Brady - has been working on getting our catalog, banner, etc. to match so that we have good data to take to discussions on the consolidation.  Szafran stated the need to be sure to follow our policies and procedures carefully during the next year.
  • Credit for Prior Experience - the deadline for faculty to request consideration for prior tenure credit has been extended and ends tomorrow.  Once Zvi has the full list, if approved, letters will be sent to each faculty member stating the number of years granted.  Additionally, Szafran has received two requests from faculty who had not planned to go up for tenure this year but would now like to submit a packet and be reviewed.  Szafran stated that he is fine with this as long as the committees do not have a problem.  Szafran reminded the Council that faculty must have completed 5 years of service to go up for tenure and that prior tenure credit counts towards the 5 years.






Item 2. Consolidation Issues


Szafran asked the Council members to express concerns they may have regarding the consolidation:


  • Suggest that the implementation committee look at how they will determine which school name will appear on the students' transcripts and for how long.  Jill stated students who graduate Fall 2014 will be fine if all goes as it did in the past and noted that there have been discussions about this from the Board of Regents.  They may possibly allow juniors and seniors to graduate under the SPSU name.
  • Organizational structure at the highest level should have been announced already so that people can plan accordingly and focus on the things they should be focusing on.  
  • How will online course assessment be handled?
  • Main question at the last open house was whether or not general education courses would be available on both campuses.
  • Jill expressed concern that our campus may not be able to accomplish tasks as quickly as KSU because we have fewer employees.
  • Han met with the computing department at KSU yesterday and stated that there are misconceptions on each campus of the other.
  • Faculty governance - who will be the final approving authority?  Were decisions made by the committees or the faculty senate in the last consolidations?  Jill Brady stated that the faculty senate was less involved in the decision making and that both schools had to agree on the policies recommended before they can be implemented.
  • Becky stated she would like to hear a philosophy statement on how they will deal with employees as this is a major concern.  Nikki talked about her discussion with the Graduate College at KSU and concerns raised about personnel, different software packages being used, etc.
  • Szafran stated the need to be cooperative with KSU and agreed with Han that we need to do research on both campuses to find similarities and differences.  Becky reminded the Council that Dan Papp has experience on our campus.
  • Szafran asked if the Council would like to see the full list of approximately 600 attributes to be considered in a consolidation - all agreed they want to see it.



Item 3. Infrastructure and Capital Needs


Szafran distributed a memo from Jim Herbert regarding IT upgrades on campus and updated the Council on a meeting he attended yesterday on various IT projects of which they are trying to decide those that need to be done and those that can wait.  Szafran stated that in addition to networking issues on campus, there are also buildings such as the Library that do not have enough power to support them.


Szafran asked the deans to go back to their schools to find out what non-infrastructure needs they have to determine what monies might be left over to apply to infrastructure needs.  Currin stated there is no need to buy equipment if there is no infrastructure to support it.  Szafran clarified that he wants the deans to go back to their departments and find out what needs they may have that are more important than their infrastructure needs and bring that list to him.  It was asked if money allocated for the Rose Creek renovation could be used.  Szafran stated that they are looking at all options including money allocated for Rose Creek.




Item 4. New Business


  • Tom Nelson sent out the revised RFP for the mini grants and brought copies for the Council to review.  Hunt noted one concern he has with Area C that he has expressed to Nelson.  Szafran asked the Council if they were ready to vote or if they needed more time to review.   It was decided that the Council members will send Tom Nelson their vote by noon tomorrow.
  • Becky – is seeking input from the Council regarding space for a Military Support Center in the Student Center and degree completion.  She will be sending out information about this soon.
  • Military Appreciation Luncheon is tomorrow; please RSVP to Dawn Ramsey.



Item 5. New Faculty Hires/Replacements


To respect the privacy of the faculty involved, this discussion was not recorded.







Action Items:




Future Agenda Items: