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Extended Deans Council Meeting


November 7, 2012


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Steve Hamrick, Ruston Hunt, Joyce Mills, Thomas Nelson, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Ruston Hunt, Becky Rutherfoord


GuestsJim Cooper, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Sustainability


Item 1. Approval of Minutes

The Council approved the October 10, 2012 minutes.



Item 2. Marketing Strategic Plan

Jim Cooper was invited to today’s meeting to discuss future plans for marketing.  Cooper stated that while there is no formal strategic marketing plan, he has sent out an RFP to select a marketing company to do surveys to see how our branding is working and how SPSU is perceived by the public.  There will be a committee to review the marketing firm proposals.  Cooper will work with Zvi for recommendations of faculty, etc. to serve on this committee.  Cooper also made the following points in response to questions from the Council:

  • All marketing efforts should be coordinated through Jim Cooper for consistency, etc., but departments may advertise.
  • Marketing will work with departments to develop brochures or other marketing materials whenever new programs are approved and departments should also work with recruiting to make sure they know of all new programs.  Marketing has a budget to cover brochures and will fund the cost unless their budget is exhausted.
  • Marketing efforts now are geared toward traditional students but will focus on adult learners, transfer, and TCSG, etc. students in the future.
  • Search engine advertising has not been allowed in the past because of legal issues but Cooper will revisit this.
  • Relationship between Marketing, Recruiting, and Public Relations?  Cooper stated that marketing is about brochures, website advertising, materials, paid media; recruiting falls under Gary Bush and Ron Koger and consists of individuals visiting high schools, college fairs, etc. to inform potential students about our programs; and public relations is mainly earned media.  All three of these units should be contacted by departments as they add approved programs.  Cooper would also like copies of all approved degree proposals.



Item 3. updates

Szafran updated the Council on the following:

  • M.S. Civil Engineering – proposal will be on the Board of Regents agenda on Tuesday.  The prospectuses for the two environmental science programs were approved and we will go forward with the full proposals.
  • Military Appreciation Week – activities will be all next week
  • Hamrick – the UCC voted that it is appropriate for graduating students to apply a new concentration to an old catalog.  Steve wanted to run this by the Deans before it goes to the General Faculty.
  • University Effectiveness Committee – working on selecting a software package that will help with coordinating assessment and has come up with eight attributes that would be needed.
  • Advising Website – Szafran met with Stephanie Coleman who met with Becky Rutherfoord about the transition to the new servers.  Szafran shared the proposed website layout and asked who should control the editing and updating of the web page content.  The Advising Committee set this up with help from Sonia Toson and Tim Zeigler, advising fellows.  Szafran suggested that Dawn should have editing rights and designate Sonia or Tim and possibly Jeff Orr as well.  It was asked where professional advisors fit in to this and that they were not given input on the website at all.  Jeff Orr stated that there is faculty representation on the Advising Committee and suggested that a professional advisor be on the committee as well in perhaps a rotating role among all the advisors.  Jeff Orr will go to the professional advisors for a volunteer for the Advising Committee.



Item 4.  Exam Integrity – Online and Live

Jeff Ray distributed a guide on exam integrity for review and asked the Council for input.  He was asked what the goal is for this document – advisory or policy.  Ray responded that it is a suggested guide for faculty.  Russ Hunt suggested he organize the document and list more specific examples and to look at the integrity of the assessment tool as well.  Academic integrity should be stressed in all syllabi and on all exams.  Other suggestions included expanding on this topic at orientations, especially for international students and have students sign an honor code.  Jeff will take these and other suggestions and update his guide and present it to the Center for Teaching Excellence for possible workshops for faculty and to the faculty as well.



Item 5. approval of Proposal to Establish a Center for Digital Engagement

Russ Hunt talked about the Center proposal submitted by Mark Nunes and discussed the Charter and initial approval with changes suggested by Tom Currin.  One concern was the section on reassigned time for development.  This was deleted and the proposal was approved. 


During the discussion, many questions were brought up about Centers:

  • How do Centers get evaluated?  Russ Hunt will bring updated annual reports on all of the Centers done a few months ago to the next meeting for discussion.
  • Exclusivity of ground – Betsy Adams told faculty in Engineering that research/grants that could fall under one of the Centers must go through that Center because we want to avoid competing with ourselves for the same funding.  Prior discussions on this topic have the person outside the Center taking the proposal to the Center for collaboration.  Recently a faculty member approached a Center and was told no unless they provided monetary support.
  • IDC funds – would they go to the individual proposer or the Center?
  • How are Center directors chosen?  We approve the “concept” of the Center – not the staffing.
  • How do we move forward?  Szafran stated that we would review the Centers at the next meeting and continue discussions to work out these and any other issues.



Item 6. New Business

  • Classroom/Lab designation issue – Tom Nelson stated that Julie Newell was informed by Cheryl Dobson that her labs are being re-designated as active classrooms.  This was a miscommunication and Steve Hamrick stated that he is working with Cheryl to correct this.
  • School Peer Committees – Meg Dillon has received complaints from faculty serving on other school committees that they don’t actually every meet to review faculty packets and generate letters.  The P&P states that the Chair of the committee will call meetings and this is not always happening.  Szafran stated that we need to have a guidelines document informing committees what their responsibilities are.
  • New Area D Course – Hunt brought up an issue about the addition of a new Area D course – Environmental Sciences 2202.  There is an e-Core class with the same name but it does not have a lab and is being used to satisfy STS 2400.  The suggested solution is to separate the lab from the course and allow e-Core students to take the lab if they want to satisfy the science requirement.  Cindy will email all e-Core students and explain the problem.  Hunt suggested they develop a 2202 lab for online students as well.  Another issue brought up concerning e-Core is the inconsistency of drop dates between e-Core and us.  This will continue to be a problem because there is no solution as of now.
  • School Lawyer – no one was selected in the first round – the committee is still looking at additional candidates.
  • QEP Update – Sarah and Mark are working on blocks for next fall.  The SACS 5th year report will be due soon.  Committees will be forming in the spring to work on the mini self-study.



Action Items Update:

  • Zvi will talk to Bill Prigge about this to see what options might be available to give graduate assistants specialized card access to labs.  Szafran talked to Bill Prigge and he stated that it is alright to grant individual access.  Information Technology stated that it must be all or nothing when it comes to granting access.  Zvi will go back to Prigge to be sure his staff understand the need for limited access.
  • Zvi agreed to talk to Sam Conn about SPSU email accounts for ELS students because they are denied access to the Library without an email account.  Szafran stated that Sam Conn has done this.  Debbie will get with Amy in the Library to see if the situation is resolved.
  • Zvi will check to see what other plumbing projects may be needed in rooms surrounding G-205.  The plumbing in G 205 and the socket is being priced.
  • Zvi will check to see why a 220V socket is needed in G 205.  See above.



Future Agenda Items:



Meeting Adjourned at 3:50 PM