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Deans Council Meeting

November 20, 2013
B 120

Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  


Guests:  Russell Patrick - Faculty Observer, Stephanie Coleman, Michael Foxman



Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Business Administration received 10-year accreditation.
  • The School of Engineering has a new academic advisor.
  • Senior Staff reviewed hiring needs at the last meeting and the discussion to make a decision on whether to fill these or not was postponed until next Tuesday's Senior Staff meeting.
  • Credit for Prior Service – Zvi talked about requests for prior tenure credit.  He stated that the packets must include a letter from the faculty member requesting credit, a letter from the chair supporting their request and stating that they have confirmed prior credit employment (full-time and tenure track), and a letter from the dean.  Zvi will review the packets and then they will go to Dr. Rossbacher for review and approval.  A couple of faculty eligible to go up for tenure but chose not to have now asked to be allowed to submit packets for this year.  Szafran stated that he is allowing them to do so.  Packages are due to Szafran in December.
  • Russ Hunt - Cyber Security seminar in the spring – SPSU is hosting and 400 to 500 attendees are expected.  Hunt announced other events in Continuing Education.
  • Sam Beadles was interviewed by Channel 2 News about the major natural gas line that goes through the property selected for the new Braves stadium.



Item 2. Introduction of Michael Foxman, the new Interim VP for Business and Finance


Szafran introduced the new Interim VP for Business and Finance, Michael Foxman.  Foxman will be with us through the end of the fiscal year.  Each Council member introduced themselves and spoke briefly about their area.  



Item 3. Developing an Interactive Map for the University Web Site


Stephanie talked about goals for the website and the interactive map they are working on.  Links will be available on the buildings that will give information about the building such as departmental information, history of the building, etc. and stated that this tool will be important for "telling the story" of SPSU.  Stephanie is seeking input from the campus community and will need the names of contacts from each building.  Han expressed concern about the number of links that will be associated with each building.  Stephanie stated that there will be usability testing for the interactive map.  Han stated his concern that people won’t come to the website and click on buildings to find out what is in there but rather would prefer to have a list to choose from that would tell them where  located.  Szafran asked Stephanie to speak about the consolidation and how it affects our website.  Stephanie stated that their plan is to work with each academic unit to get their websites in good working order so that when the merge happens everything will be ready.  Both campuses have a website dedicated to the consolidation as well as the Board of Regents website.  It was suggested that an email be sent out to notify the campus about the FAQ and suggestion box.  Stephanie noted that this was in the President's notes but both can be accessed from the consolidation website.



Item 4. Capital Items List


  • Currin asked for clarification on what is to be included on the list - equipment or infrastructure needs and stated that his faculty expressed the need for the IT infrastructure to be updated.  Each dean briefly stated their prioritized needs.  Several included security-related issues that Zvi suggested needed to be coordinated with Campus Safety.  Szafran asked Michael Foxman to check on the issue with Building I locks.  Szafran stated that Foxman and Prigge will be putting together a list for Senior Staff of major projects that need to be addressed.  
  • Szafran asked Currin and Ray if there is a need for a backup generator for Building Q and if so, should be a high priority.  Ray and Currin agreed this is something that can wait.  
  • Cole stated that Q and I2 both received Silver ratings from LEED. 
  • Hunt stated that we are storing Kawasaki robots that will not be installed but are taking up valuable space and asked if they could be relocated to Rose Drive. Szafran suggested Hunt do a space allocation request to deal with this.  Concern was raised about the security of these items if moved to Rose Drive.  
  • Library project upgrades include data closet and power issues, etc., and is estimated at $800,000 plus some equipment needs.  Colyar invited Foxman to come and visit the Library to see what the needs are.  
  • Lots of issues with infrastructure in Building J - approx. $600,000.
  • Status of K1, 2 and 3?  Demo was approved but no other news.
  • Rose Drive Project - initial design is complete.  Funding will need to be identified; integrated review by the BoR.  The final cost is expected to be in the range initially expressed to the BoR.  Due to consolidation, Szafran does not know where this project will fit in the priority order.  Szafran shared the Rose Drive drawings.  Total cost expected to be $4,900,000 or $154.00 per square foot.  Original plan was to move Continuing Education and OFSD to this building.  If funded, meetings with those who will be in the building would be scheduled.



Item 5.  Consolidation Issues

Szafran stated he has no specific issues to talk about today but wants this to be an open topic at these meetings.  It was asked how the Implementation Team members were chosen.  Szafran stated that this list has not been officially released and is not complete on our side.  He expects others from Academic Affairs to be appointed to the team.  Organizational chart?  An organizational chart should be forthcoming in the near future.  It was noted that the operational sub-committees will have difficulty if the structure is not known.  It was further suggested that we need a time line as soon as possible.



Item 6. New Business

Update on old business regarding the list of new faculty hires. Szafran was going to meet with Ken Harmon on this but Harmon is out of the country and so he will try to meet with him next week.  Szafran keep the Council informed as soon as he knows something.  Szafran encouraged those with positions on the list to start the paperwork as soon as possible with the understanding that none of the positions may end up being filled.  Paperwork includes a faculty personnel job request form, a copy of Form A that was submitted electronically to HR, and a hard copy of the job ad.   An electronic copy of the job ad should be emailed directly to Szafran for review.  Szafran was asked when he would know about faculty hires.  Szafran stated that he does not know how quickly things will progress and stated that they are being very conservative about staff positions but not so much with faculty positions.  This does not affect part-time faculty hires for next semester.




Action Item(s):



Future Agenda Item(s):



Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM