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Deans Council Meeting

April 9, 2014

B 120

Note: At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.

Members: Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  


Guests: Dianne Payne



Item 1. Updates

Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Consolidation - Szafran congratulated Deans Cole, Currin, and Reichgelt on their appointments as deans for the new university.
  • Raises – Szafran stated that there will be money available for salary increases – the procedures for determining how raises will be allocated will be coming out soon.   Zvi will be asking the deans and/or chairs for input and additionally stated that these cannot be across the board merit increases.
  • Accreditation – the ACCE accreditation visit went well. No weaknesses were noted and accreditation is expected. One concern raised was low morale noted among faculty because of the lack of raises. Also noted was a concern about the integrity of the school of ACC due to the consolidation and asked that efforts be made to retain the name and the integrity of their programs. The NAAB accreditation also went very well for Architecture and the same concerns were raised about the consolidation and how it might impact the school.
  • Zvi spoke briefly about his new appointment as president of SUNY Canton. Khalid congratulated Zvi on his presidency. Szafran stated that the weekly blab will continue and all were encouraged to enter the trivia contest (become a follower to receive notices) and further that he will mail prizes to the winners.
  • When asked about an interim VPAA, Szafran responded that he does not know how the appointment will be made.



Item 2. Summer Pay and New Part-time Benefits

Summer pay – Szafran was not able to give definitive answer on the method of calculating summer pay for regular faculty because he has not had a chance to talk to Dr. Rossbacher. Our faculty senate has recommended that we adopt KSU's summer pay model. Szafran explained our current methods as well as Kennesaw’s.   Proration is different at both institutions but more favorable at SPSU. Zvi costed out going to their system as best as he could considering the many variables and he estimated an increase of $288,000 additional funds needed. Szafran stated that we may do all, some, or none of the options being used at KSU. Han expressed concern that his faculty may not want to teach in multiple modalities if we adopt a new method. Hunt suggested giving the deans the authority to set summer pay themselves for their schools. Szafran responded that this may cause inequities between the schools. Szafran further stated that while he is not against the idea, he would need to come up with a method of distributing the money to the deans and asked the deans to give input.

Szafran distributed a handout on the new Federal requirements regarding payment of benefits to part-time faculty and staff. Szafran explained how this will affect our part-time faculty. He also explained how to convert clock hours to work hours. This policy applies to teaching at all USG institutions. This will become effective Fall 2014. The part-time agreement we currently use will be adjusted to include questions about previous semester's teaching load. Summer does not count. If hiring in the spring, must look at the previous fall's teaching load; if hiring in the fall must look at previous spring's teaching load. Refer to the handout for full details. KSU's policy does not allow part-time faculty to go over 6 hours and they therefore do not pay benefits. Lab, lecture, and studio hours all count. After the consolidation some concessions may have to be made to KSU's current policy. More information to follow.



Item 3. Consolidation Issues

  • OWG's on promotion, rank & tenure, salary and workloads met today as a group. One of the issues of the salary OWG was salary equity. The salary equity model used at SPSU was shared with KSU and they agreed this would be a good place to start to decompress faculty salaries and bring them to equity between the two universities. SPSU salaries are generally lower than KSU's salaries (full-time faculty) but our part-time salaries are higher than KSU's. KSU pays $800 per credit; SPSU $800-$1,500. Szafran explained SPSU's salary equity model. How is performance taken into account in the equity model? A faculty member may be at the bottom of the scale because of performance.   Szafran stated that it was not a consideration because there was not sufficient evidence to support poor performance on the faculty annual performance.
  • Promotion Rank & Tenure – Szafran stated that the OWG committee is sticking to its guns requiring 3 outside letters for promotion to associate professor and 5 letters for promotion to full. They may allow a minority of the letters to come from co-authors. The recommendation from the committee suggests that this become effective Fall 2015. Salaries for new faculty being hired Fall 2014 will be at the SPSU rate as stated on the spreadsheet distributed by Szafran.



Item 4. New Business
New Business - Bob Homer announced his retirement effective May 1.   Raj Sashti will be resigning April 21st but will continue to finish projects he is involved with on a pro bono basis.



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