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Deans Council Meeting

March 26, 2014
B 120

Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Han Reichgelt


Guests:  Diane Payne, Public Relations



Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Board of Regents - the Board passed the Campus Tobacco Ban legislation, which includes all tobacco products including e-cigarettes.  Campus presidents are responsible for enforcing the ban.  The Guns on Campus legislation did not pass. 
  • Budget - $12 million dollars has been approved on the Governor's side of the budget and is earmarked for salary increases in the University System but comes with restrictions.  This may not be used as a merit or across the board raise.  These funds must be used for equity adjustments, salary compression adjustments, or to keep key faculty from leaving the University System.  If approved, SPSU's share should be approximately 1% or $120,000.  Szafran presumes there will be guidelines released from the BoR in the near future. 
  • New degree programs – are on hold due to the consolidation.  Zvi is asking the System Office to reconsider and review our proposals now instead of waiting until the consolidation is complete.
  • Szafran announced his nomination to become the president of SUNY Canton.  He will start July 1, 2014, if approved at the Board of Trustees next week.
  • Data closet project in the Library – this project is on hold due to some issues and the funding has been set aside in a contingency fund.  DR's for some of the other capital items have been received and processed and Szafran encouraged the deans to get their requests in.  Szafran stated that his goal for spending capital and year-end funds is to proceed cautiously.  Nancy was asked to hold her part of the Library project funding until close to the deadline and then to spend it if her project does not get covered.
  • Brazilian students from KSU's language center will be visiting our campus on Friday.  The students are interested in our programs and the deans are invited to meet with them and talk to them about our offerings.  Szafran encouraged all to attend.



Item 2. NAAB Visit

NAAB visit - Rich Cole updated the Council on their recent NAAB Accreditation visit and stated that the visit went great and that they were cited for distinction in six areas.  Two minor issues were noted although they anticipate a good outcome overall.  Any issues will be addressed and sent to NAAB.  Final word should come in July, 2014. 



Item 3. Consolidation Issues


  • According to Dr. Szafran, the OWG on Promotion and Tenure appears to be the most controversial at present.  The OWG is trying to come up with a new set of guidelines for Promotion and Tenure for the new university, one of which includes requiring outside evaluation letters.  We already require two letters, one of which can be from a co-author; KSU does not require any outside letters.  The recommendation to date is to require five letters from outside evaluators.  Zvi discussed this in the Blab and it will be discussed in our faculty senate.   KSU's faculty senate has proposed requiring three outside letters of which only one can be from a co-author.  The OWG will look at all recommendations.
  • Awards Committee – this Committee has decided to recommend using KSU's guidelines for awards.  Currently the awards are done at the college level, however, the committee's recommendation is that the awards be at large.  An additional award is being proposed for part-time faculty.  These awards include faculty support awards such as mini-grants, new faculty funding, etc.
  • RPG - orientation conversation wants all students to be familiar with both campuses and to have pre-registration before orientation.   All agreed this would be a good idea.
  • Workload Equity – this committee has suggested we adopt KSU's current workload policy; Szafran asked the committee to cost this out before making a recommendation, but it appears that this has not been done.
  • The new directive for benefits for part-time faculty will affect us financially and Becky asked what she should do since she has scheduled many part-time faculty for 9 hours for the fall semester.  Szafran stated that this is not a problem for the fall.  He explained how to calculate the workload based on the new Federal guidelines.  Benefits do not have to be given the first semester, however, it is mandatory the second semester that the faculty member teaches full-time.  Those choosing not to pay benefits must keep their part-time faculty at 6 hours or less per semester.  KSU does not pay benefits and restricts their part-time faculty to 6 hours already.  We do not have those same restrictions and this is a topic of discussion at the OWG.
  • The Science OWG made a recommendation for a separate department of Physics, separate department of Chemistry, and a separate department of Biology.  The Math OWG is recommending a single statistics department and two Math departments - one on each campus.  Many other recommendations have been made and will be clearer once the structure becomes available. 
  • Library - Nancy talked about how important these details are to the Library as they discuss the type of materials needed on our campus.
  • e-Core – Russ Hunt reported that  e-Core has been discussed extensively at KSU and even after five presentations to the campus by e-Core, it has been unanimously rejected by KSU.  Whether the University is affiliated with e-Core or not, students can register for e-Core classes and they will be accepted as transfer credit.  Students can register for e-Core classes through Georgia on My Line but it may be more challenging if the new University does not choose to be an affiliate.
  • Core - short discussion on possible core changes.  Our advisors should be encouraging students to finish their core as soon as possible so that it will transfer as a whole.  Zvi asked Tom Nelson to send him a write-up on the recommendations of his OWG and how it may affect students so that we can help them plan for potential issues.



Item 4. New Business

No new business.






Meeting adjourned at 3:21 PM 



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