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Deans Council Meeting

March 12, 2014
B 120

Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  


Guests:  Diane Payne


Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Promotion/Tenure packets have all been delivered to the President.  All reappointment packets for this round have been processed.  Szafran pointed out the many of the reappointment packets were incomplete and/or did not contain the vita in the required SPSU format.  He encouraged the deans to look at the packages carefully in the future to make sure they are correct before forwarding them to the VPAA's Office.
  • Hiring – the Chronicle ad has been placed in print and online  
  • Budget - it appears that three schools were due funding from Academic Affairs and that this was not done.  Szafran has made the necessary budgetary corrections and those schools involved should be able to see the transfer.
  • Zvi will not be on campus next week so there will not be a meeting on Wednesday.  He will be on a SACS visit through Thursday.
  • RACAA – it was talked about that money for salary increases is in the USG proposed budget in the amount of $12,000,000.  These funds are not to be used for merit – may be used for equity or for retention of faculty only.  
  • Smoking policy is just about to be passed as well as an alcohol policy.
  • Math committee is making some recommendations on course requirements.
  • Part time conversion is 2.75 x credit hours to determine clock hours for benefits determination. 20-29 gets lowest level of benefits; 30+ is eligible for full benefits including health.  Szafran stated that he is still working on a policy to convert limited term faculty to regular positions.
  • Degree proposals - are not moving forward at this time.  The BoR has put this on hold as they did with the other consolidations.  Zvi will be meeting with Dan Papp about this.
  • Continuing Education is moving back to campus in a couple of weeks.  CSE is absorbing the equipment.  SPSU will no longer offer continuing education classes.  Climate assessment will be done of students, faculty, and staff this fall to assess the climate on campus prior to the consolidation.  KSU is also doing this on their campus.
  • Will we be doing tech fee and mini grants next year?  Zvi believes that we will.  Different OWGs are discussing items such as this.



Item 2. Capital Budget

Zvi distributed a spreadsheet with the prioritized lists submitted from each dean for review.  Szafran explained the two sources of end of year funding - excess OS&E funds not spent and funds from capital projects for improvements that have leftover funding, unused personnel money including fringes, etc. from Academic Affairs.  Szafran explained how departmental requests should be coded to match his spreadsheet.  Szafran went over the agreed-upon items on the list including furniture for Graduate Studies.  Some of the deans agreed to cover smaller items now that the funds from Academic Affairs have been transferred to their budgets.  Szafran asked the deans to get their departmental requests in as soon as possible.


Item 3. Consolidation Issues


  • It has been reported that attendance is down at certain standing committees and at events on campus and Szafran speculated that it is in some part due to the extra work being required for the consolidation process.  Szafran encouraged all to make every effort to attend campus events and meetings.  
  • Currin reported that SPSU's Hornet may be preserved in some form.  He has been working on this along with KSU.
  • Salary and workload committee - has been working on coming up with a common basis to compare the workloads of the two faculties along with the delta compared to the cost of the method being used by each university.
  • RPG - remediation - KSU has a remediation program, SPSU does not.  The recommendation is to move away from a remediation program and consider raising the entrance standards.  Szafran is concerned about retention as well as new student enrollment.
  • Currin talked about how different the business models are between SPSU and KSU and if an OWG should be looking at making a recommendation on which one to use.  This is especially evident in graduate student assistantship stipends, workloads, etc.
  • The organizational chart is still about 4-5 weeks out.    
  • Question were raised about the mission and vision statement.  Zvi was asked to follow up with Dr. Rossbacher to see if it has been approved and if so where it is posted.  It appears that KSU personnel have been notified that it has been approved.


Item 4. New Business

No new business.


Meeting adjourned at 3:19 PM




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