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Extended Deans Council Meeting

February 20, 2014

B 120


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Jill Brady, Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Iraj Omidvar, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Jill Brady, Dave Caudill, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, and Han Reichgelt


Guests:  Brichaya Shah for Dave Caudill, Tim Zeigler for Jeffrey Ray


Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • RACAA is next Wednesday - will talk about e-Core
  • Events - British Consul General speaking at 6:00 PM, reception prior
  • Talked about need to move meetings because of OWG meetings
  • Next week author of "Soul Food" will be on campus.
  • Official letter from SACS for a one-year extension on our 5th year report came today



Item 2. Capital Items Requests


  • Each dean presented their prioritized list of needs for consideration.
  • Library - Nancy Colyar gave an update on the renovation of the Library - $75,000 of the funding for the renovation will come from the Library, $155,000 from reallocated funds from IT and $300+ from Academic Affairs.  The renovation will be completed in two phases.  Nancy asked for additional items out of capital funds – comfortable furniture for seating areas and new chairs for the rotunda.  She will send this information to Zvi.
  • ETM - Tim Zeigler for Jeff Ray - distributed a list from the School of Engineering Technology and Management.  Talked about the items needed to support their new programs.  KSU also has a GIS program and they have collaborated with them on this.  Tim indicated that the first 10 items on the list are their most important items.  Neither IET nor BA submitted items for this list.  Currin asked if Ray collaborated with ECET and Lance Crimm and if not he should since some of their items may be able to be purchased through Engineering.
  • ACM - Cole - distributed handout for ACM and talked about items included.  Of need is replacement furniture, security cameras, computers, etc.  Szafran stated that some of the items on the list should come from budgets other than Academic Affairs and is therefore reluctant to fund them. 
  • CSE - Becky Rutherfoord presents for Han - distributed a handout from CSE.  The Data Center needs to be upgraded to take care of current needs, mobile devices to support courses in four programs, gaming stations, interactive clickers, google glasses, etc.
  • Engineering - Currin – talked about two items needed to support Nuclear Engineering that were on the list last year but were not funded, M 136 , J 135 lab renovations used for senior design, early replacement computer for faculty member, classroom technology, a couple of items not funded last year as well, and their largest - a GCMS.  Szafran asked about the possibility of writing a grant for this equipment.
  • Graduate Studies - Nikki - office is relocating to a larger space and will need office furnishings; Nikki will provide a quote when it is ready.
  • Zvi suggested that each area prepare departmental requests so that as funds become available items that have been approved can be purchased.  Zvi will review all of the requests, review the budget, and look at alternative sources of funding for some of the requests and get back to the DC in two weeks.


Item 3. Consolidation Items


  • Consolidation Committee has been focusing on the structure of the new university with three major areas.  The new structure should be ready in approximately three weeks.  The mission & vision, number of colleges, and new leadership structure will be submitted to the Board of Regents.  The BoR has asked to see what the structure of the colleges would look like.
  • Zvi's 20B OWG on Workloads and Salary - discussing workloads and how it works on both campuses. Classes on average are larger at KSU than here.  Course loads at KSE may be lower but the number of students they teach may be the same as our faculty teach or more.  In some colleges at KSU, more workload credit may be given if the class size reaches a certain number of students.  Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure committees - KSU and SPSU are structured very differently. At KSU, non-tenured faculty are allowed to sit on review committees.  Their review committees are contained at the department level and the school level.  Packets at SPSU have a page limit; KSU does not have a limit.  They do not do SIRS but rather have a very short questionnaire.  Faculty are supposed to develop their own evaluation method.  Committees are looking at both systems and encouraging members to look at other universities for best practices.
  • OWG 20A - Hiring Procedures - recommendation has already been made to include KSU faculty on all searches for faculty in programs common to both campuses.
  • OWG Awards - KSU has numerous awards for faculty with substantially higher monetary awards than SPSU
  • Banner - Zvi reminded the Council that based on the Noell Levitz recommendation, summer and fall schedules need to be in at the same time so that students can register simultaneously for both semesters.
  • Nikki talked about the differences in admissions categories between the two universities.
  • Concern raised about OWG's making recommendations about structure of departments/programs, etc.  Szafran stated that this is not the charge of any committees.
  • Becky gave update on SACS items
  • Brichaya announced Team Dynamix training coming up soon.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM