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Deans Council Meeting

January 22, 2014
B 120

Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Nancy Colyar, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Nancy Colyar


Guests:  Erin Grant - Faculty Observer, Dianne Payne



Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Governor's Budget has been released - although overall enrollment is down, no decline in formula funding.
  • There is a line item in the budget for merit adjustments or adjustments to attract faculty in the amount of $12 M.  SPSU’s share of the funding would be approximately $120,000.
  • Since healthcare has been fully funded, there should be no increases to copays.
  • The USG is moving to link up institutions with industries statewide to help students prepare for future careers.  Szafran noted that SPSU has been doing this for some time now.
  • Guns on campus law was passed in Florida (court ruling states that guns are allowed in parked cars only).  Has not passed yet in Georgia but seems likely.  
  • Campus housing - USG is considering privatizing housing on some campuses but this does not affect SPSU.
  • Faculty searches – Szafran is still waiting for the last couple of packets to come through.  Small changes have been made to the ads to correct the online application web site for HR and deadline dates.  As soon as all paperwork is complete the entire packet will go to Budget and then to Human Resources for processing and advertising.  Approved job ads will be sent back to the departments for additional advertising.  Departments will be responsible for additional advertising costs.
  • Capital Items - reminded all to get their departmental requests ready
  • Han - Bob Brown received his doctorate degree.  MSIT ranked 8th in the country.  
  • SPSU ranked number 25 in colleges with the best return of investment.
  • CC Hung has had an article accessed more than 6,000 times.
  • Dalton College wants to send students here under an articulation agreement (2 + 2 1/2)
  • Cybersecurity conference will be held on our campus on March 3 and will be hosted by Extended University. 
  • SAMSOG will be meeting on campus tomorrow and Friday.  Zvi will be speaking to them.  
  • Future Cities is on Saturday and judges are still needed
  • Cross Cultural activities will begin next week.  More information about the upcoming presentations can be found at http://spsudiscussionblog.wordpress.com




Item 2. Start-up Issues


  • Many students were dropped for non-payment due to financial aid errors and did not have their schedules reinstated.  Han stated that several of his students were not notified that their financial aid was suspended.  Others appealed and were adjudicated but their schedules were still not reinstated.  Others just waited too late to get things resolved.  Complained that there is unresponsiveness to our students and this needs to be addressed.  Another issue is with graduate students taking transition courses and how this affects their satisfactory progression.
  •  E-core – there are different deadlines for registration and drop/add, etc. for e-Core classes as compared to on-campus courses at SPSU.   Hunt cited a student who registered and paid for four courses at SPSU and then added a fifth course through e-Core and lost their entire schedule because the fee payment deadline for SPSU was earlier than the fee payment deadline for e-Core and the student had not paid for the e-Core class.  This student was not able to get their schedule back because all of the classes were waitlisted.  Zvi is going to talk to Ron Koger about this.
  • ETCMA had several resignations at the end of fall semester that caused some problems finding faculty to cover.  Physics also had some issues but all have been resolved.
  • Jeff reported that other departments are using classrooms in Q with larger classes than chairs available in the classrooms and have been taking the furniture out of other classrooms.  This is therefore leaving insufficient chairs for the students meeting in those other classrooms.  Szafran stated that since additional chairs cannot be permanently put into the classrooms because of safety issues, faculty that must borrow chairs should return them after class.  Szafran will also talk to Leigh Ann to see why classes larger than the room will hold are being assigned to those classrooms.
  • Issues with upperclassmen waiting until the last minute to register for classes and expecting to be overridden into the classes they want because they are graduating.  Suspect they are doing this to delay paying for classes.  Han blames lack of enforced advising for some of the problems.  Han noted that this is why we invested in DegreeWorks but we don't enforce it.  Engineering requires students to take all of their core classes before their major courses.  All agreed that it is difficult to plan when students wait until the last minute to register and hard to find additional faculty to teach extra sections.
  • Rich asked if SACS would have a problem with someone teaching with only a bachelors degree. Zvi stated that extensive industrial experience along with, for example, a Bachelor of Architecture degree, is usually acceptable with SACS as long as it is well documented.  These approvals are determined on a case by case basis.
  • E-core up 100% over last spring with 299 students last spring to 588 this spring.



Item 3. Consolidation Issues


  • Consolidation - the suggested colleges for the new university have not changed much; vision and mission statements have been crafted thanks to Joel Fowler and Bob Harbort and should be finished by next week.  The college breakdown will likely stay the same with a total of 13 colleges.  The committee also looked at administrative structure currently at both KSU and SPSU and will be working on the new structure.  Currin asked all to send suggestions to him or to the suggestion box for the new leadership structure from the college level up.  Talked about potential names for the colleges, combining Architecture with Arts which was voted down.  There has been discussion about combining Humanities and Social Sciences, and Math and Sciences - which is their current structure but not ours.  The committee will make recommendations to Dan Papp who will present to the BoR and SACS for final approval.
  • Szafran asked how the co-chairs are staffing their committees.  Some are identifying faculty but most are waiting for the release of the volunteer list.  Meetings are being held on both campuses.  
  • It was reported that that KSU is going to make department chair offers without involving SPSU or allowing SPSU faculty to apply.  Jeff asked Zvi to talk to Dr. Rossbacher about this since Dr. Papp had stated publicly that this would not be the case.  Szafran reminded all to keep everyone apprised of things that are going right as well as things that are going wrong.
    No money has been allocated for expenses related to travel to and from KSU for consolidation-related meetings.



Item 4. New Business

No new business.


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM





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