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Deans Council Meeting

September 4, 2013

 B 120



Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  





Item 1. Updates

Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:

  • Joel Fowler has class this semester and will not be attending these meetings.  Szafran is not sure if a designated replacement will be attending in his place.
  • Part-timers and when they are eligible for benefits - under 10 hours are considered a temporary employee and are not eligible for benefits, teaching 10-14 hours are eligible for partial benefits, teaching 15 + are eligible for full benefits.  Those teaching 10+ for the fall have the expectation of teaching at least 10 hours in the spring.
  • H-1B visa – Szafran explained the old policy of SPSU paying up to $3,000 total for the H-1B visa and Green card.  Our new policy states that if you sponsor someone you must pay for all non-elective parts of the H-1B and part A of the Green card (PERM), which may come to more than $3,000.  The university therefore will be responsible for a small increase under the new rules.  Human Resources advised us to remove terminology in faculty jobs ads requesting information about an applicant’s visa status - but we were told that we could ask about this during the interview process.  At time of hire, faculty must be eligible to work and have the proper paperwork before they can begin teaching.  We also cannot give them back-pay if they do not have their paperwork in order and cannot begin teaching until they have the proper paperwork to do so.
  • Events – Dr. Szafran announced upcoming events on campus and reminded the Council that information on these events can be found on the website, the weekly blab, or (for Cross-Cultural Communications events) on the blog spsudiscussionblog.wordpress.com.



Item 2. Education Advisory Board

EAB - books have been distributed – Szafran was asked to order a few extras for the academic advisors which he will do as soon as possible.  



Item 3. Discussion on Space Issues

  • Space Issues - continued discussion - Building G 108 - belongs to Chemistry, is full of materials that could be relocated leaving the space open for other uses.
  • Leigh Ann has contacted a couple of chairs to begin meetings about room attributes and was met with confusion.  Szafran urged the deans to remind the chairs that this is happening and they need to work with her.  Once all of her information has been compiled, Leigh Ann will bring the results back to the DC for review.  Zvi has asked Leigh Ann for scheduled lab usages to look at using these spaces more efficiently.  Szafran asked the deans to be proactive with their chairs to make sure they don't schedule sections they don't actually need, etc.  Appears that some classrooms with scheduled classes don't always have students in there.  
  • Computer lab request - Han needs another computer lab. Comments/questions from the Council:
    • If we are moving to a bring-your-own device, why are we adding computer labs?   He responded that he has an immediate need for computer labs and we can't move to bring-your-own device because the network cannot support it at this time.   Some pilots of virtual desktops are being conducted right now.  The cost is astronomical for IT infrastructure upgrades. Han stated they are ready to virtualize one of their labs and needs furniture to make labs dual-purpose.  Total cost would be approx. $500,000+ to bring J up to where it needs to be.  
    • What would it take to virtualize Q?  Jeff Ray stated he is not sure.  
    • Han will follow up and bring back data.  Has UITS surveyed students to see how many would be willing to bring their own device?  Appears that many students are already using their own laptops on campus.  
    • Zvi suggested we do a campus-wide survey to see where labs could be done away with and repurposed.  
    • Need to identify what specialty software students would need.  
    • Require students to purchase specialty software as part of their class requirement?  
    • Not enough open space for students to work.  Han suggested converting some space into open areas for students to work with their laptops.  Look at contemporary uses of space.
    • Zvi - how do we go forward?  Han will talk to Sam about network connectivity as a first step to virtualization and will survey students to see how many have laptops available.  
    • If all students have a laptop - what gaps are there to prevent us going virtual?  
    • Specialized software may not be able to be uploaded to the cloud.  
    • CSE and ACM would both benefit tremendously by going to a virtual system.  Students would be happy being able to compute from anywhere.  
    • Jeff suggested faculty be given laptops instead of desktops so that they can take them in the classroom instead of using whatever is in place there.  Most classrooms have an instructor’s podium with connections for laptops.  Suggest movable furniture in the classrooms instead of fixed desks.
    • First possible opportunity to meet with Sam and Steve Kitchen to talk about going virtual.
    • Jeff Ray stated that he got two offices from Rich Cole but has no furniture for them.  Zvi told him to buy what he needs.  Old furniture has gone missing from K as well.
    • All agreed to allow Han to make changes he needs for his lab
    • Jeff Ray will buy furniture he needs for his offices
    • Sam will be invited to meet with Dean Council about virtualization
    • Currin - look at site licenses or student versions of software instead of only having available in the labs



Item 4. Routing Process for New Degree Programs

Szafran talked about the new process being proposed by Senate Moderator.   For clarification the prospectus must be fully written before being submitted to the President and the website needs to be corrected to reflect what is written in several places.  Who is the ultimate holder of the documents?  Zvi agreed to be in charge of this.  Zvi will let Meg know about the two changes suggested and that he will be the holder of the documents.  It was suggested that Zvi password protect any information posted on the web about the status of our degree proposals.  Zvi will figure out what is needed to do this.



Item 5. Quorum for USS Committee

Student Status Committee - Han - issue that the committee generally meets when faculty are not here.  In the past, if faculty were not available they were not always able to have a quorum. The new chair is a faculty member from Math and has asked for guidance.  It was agreed after discussion to have it be the committee member's obligation to send a proxy if they are not going to be available.  Zvi will send out an advisory notice regarding this.  



Item 6. Review of Center for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing - Hunt talked about the proposed center that is already functioning.  There has been interest from most of the schools to participate in this.  Adding the center will help to generate revenue, which is being lost because the faculty and staff are currently doing special projects at no charge.    Concerns - space, Hunt wants to have a charge back, intellectual property, need financial information, direct and indirect costs to make the proposal stronger.  Need to have the ability to charge students.  HR issues - extra comp is allowable for faculty but how do we compensate the technicians (staff) for the extra work?  Hunt will work with HR.   All were in favor of the center but asked Russ to add a financial component.  It will be posted for comment, come back to deans council and then on to the President for final approval.

The President has requested a current list of centers and the website is not up to date.  Some centers are obsolete and need to be decommissioned.  This will be discussed at a future meeting and some centers will be decommissioned.  Hunt clarified that the basis for removing a center is when the center no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended and the dean can deem the center no longer worth keeping.



Item 7. New Business

New business - Budget issue - has not had a chance to talk to Jolene yet about correcting everyone’s budget.



Action Item(s):

1.  Han will talk to Sam about network connectivity as a first step to virtualization and will survey students to see how many have laptops available.  

2.  Zvi will inform Meg about the changes suggested regarding routing of new degree proposals.  He will investigate how to password protect any information posted on the web about the status of our degree proposals.


3.  Zvi will send out an advisory notice regarding proxies for committee meetings.


4.  Zvi will speak to Jolene about updating departmental and school budgets.  




Future Agenda Item(s):

1.  Decommissioning obsolete centers.


The meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM