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Extended Deans Council Meeting

June 19, 2013

B 120


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Jill Brady, Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Steve Hamrick, Ruston Hunt, Yongli Ma, Thomas Nelson, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  


Guests:  Joel Fowler, Faculty Observer



Item 1. Approval of Minutes


  • Approval of minutes - April 3, 2013 Deans Council – approved; April 10, 2013 Extended Deans Council – approved; April 17, 2013 Deans Council – approved; April 24, 2013 Extended Deans Council – approved; May 15, 2013 Extended Deans Council – approved         


Item 2. Updates

Szafran updated the Council on the following:

  • Board of Regents – Approved our Environmental Technology and Environmental Science B.S. degrees.  The BoR also approved Georgia Tech’s M.S. in Computer Science delivered by MOOC.  Comprehensive program reviews are back on again. Tom Nelson will visit KSU regarding our Biotechnology degree proposal. No update is available on our DPS. The BoR is looking at all of our degrees and collecting data on when they were approved, etc.
  • Complete College Georgia - BoR has asked all campuses for an update to their CCG Plan and changes if any.  Among other data, ours shows an improvement in graduation rates from 32% to 35% in the past year.
  • First year retention rate is down slightly - 74% to 73%.  Is QEP data available? Not yet
  • Fall registration numbers are down among eligible returning students.  Web report?  Steve will email the report number to the Council so that they can contact their students to encourage them to register.
  • Graduate applications are about where they were last year - incomplete applicants will be contacted by the call center.
  • M.S. Civil Engineering – has more applicants (31) than space available.
  • Fundamental of Engineering - our students had 74% pass rate.  CE rate was 81%.
  • Students that leave - study showed many leave because of $500 or less in financial aid need.  Zvi will be sharing data.
  • New ET Programs - Jeff is collecting data from other universities.
  • 75% of everything student owes must be paid for the student to not be dropped in the registration period.
  • ASEE - Many faculty and chairs presenting/attending
  • Polytechnic Summit went well - 20+ attended from SPSU
  • Challenge Grant awarded to CSE in the amount of $100,000
  • Capital - Zvi met with Robin about status of certain projects and she will be sending Zvi a list of everything that was funded within the next 30 days.




Item 3. Catalog Issues

Catalog Issues - Jill Brady talked about the new catalog software the school will be using.  She needs to identify who inputs the data and who is responsible for signing off for each department/school.  Training will be available.  Jill stated there are a lot of clean up issues she is working on.  Send any errors or changes to her.  Zvi stated there a number of certificates that are not listed that are active and some inactive certificates are still listed and that this needs to be corrected.  Hamrick stated that every year someone fails to attend the training and update their data.  This needs to be enforced and suggested to have the deans sign off on it.



Item 4. Comprehensive Program Review

Zvi sent out the rubric the BoR is using.  Becky updated the P&P; Bob is updating everything else.  The BoR wants to look at all of the reports including accrediting reports.  If anyone objects to including accrediting reports, Zvi reminded the Council that they will be uploaded to a secure site which is password protected.  Those who prefer may substitute a new report for the accrediting report.  He reminded the Council to make sure each department and school is updated and accurate and that Bob Homer has everything he needs.


Item 5. Office Needs for Fall

Each Council member stated their needs for office space for the fall and shared what they are doing to make accommodations.  Zvi reminded the Council that he needs departmental requests for computers for the new faculty as soon as possible.



Item 6. Partnering with the Education Advisory Board

Zvi passed out a summary of membership services and listed a few of the institutions already affiliated with them.  The EAB works with institutions on higher education issues to find solutions.  The cost for membership is $26,500 per year and will give us access to reports and research on projects the EAB has worked on with other institutions.  Zvi shared a handbook from Education Advisory Board.  After a brief discussion, the Council endorsed the purchase of the membership for Academic Affairs.  Enrollment Services and Business and Finance already have memberships relevant to their areas.  Szafran asked the Council to review and identify items we may want to pursue and to let him know of questions or concerns.  Szafran asked the Council to review the handout from the handbook for discussions at future meetings.  He also stated that the CTE will be offering DegreeWorks training this coming year.  



Item 7. RETP – Regents Engineering Transfer Program

Tom Currin recently attended the Georgia Consortium of Engineering Schools meeting at which they discussed the current Regents Engineering Transfer Program (RETP) and talked about creating a 5-school collaborative transfer program agreement where students could be accepted into any one of the five schools if they meet the criteria established by the Consortium.  They also talked about degree mapping and the benefits to our students.  There would be issues to work out, such as inconsistent GPA requirements among the schools, etc.



Item 8. New Degree Proposals

Three New Engineering Degree prospectuses are being proposed and are scheduled to be on first fall meeting of the Senate for concept approval.   They include Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering, and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.  Since the prospectuses had been previously distributed there was little discussion.   Szafran stated that after senate approval, the prospectuses would go to him and the President for approval, then to the Board of Regents.  If approved by the BoR, the prospectus would come back to SPSU for development into a full proposal and curriculum and would go to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for final review and approval.  The full proposal, when approved on campus, would then go to the BoR for approval.


Item 9. New Business

Becky Rutherfoord gave a brief update on SACS and stated that the self-study chairs and co-chairs had been chosen for the committees.



Action Items:



Future Agenda Items:



The meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM