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Deans Council Meeting

April 17, 2013

 B 120



Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Ruston Hunt, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Ruston Hunt


GuestsJoel Fowler, Faculty Observer



Item 1. Updates


Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Budget Released – tuition increase for SPSU will be 2.5%.  We received funding for new faculty and advisors as well.  Szafran will release the details when they are available.
  • New Programs – Linda Noble stated to Szafran that our two environmental degree proposals should be on the May BoR agenda.  Biotechnology is still in negotiations; DPS is still being talked about.
  • Zvi will be asking for data from the Council regarding Chemistry, Psychology, Accounting, etc. majors - actual numbers versus projected numbers.  Zvi will circulate the report for the Council to review their numbers and make changes if necessary.  These reports will be reviewed by the System Office to compare original projections with current data.
  • Building D – funding is still in the budget - looks likely the project will happen.
  • Capital projects - updated spreadsheet sent out last week on the latest approvals and projects that can be included if money is available.
  • Faculty hires - should have the allocation soon.  Zvi making several offers and is confident that we will be able to fill most positions.
  • No news on staff positions except the approved line item in the budget for advisors.



Item 2. Degree Proposals


Szafran stated that degree proposals been handled informally in the past but due to some concerns raised, should we have a more structured process? The P&P states they should be distributed to the deans.  Comments from the Council:


  • Email deans with comments and discuss in Deans Council
  • Nikki needs to be involved in graduate degrees
  • Any comments about the two new masters degrees?  Yes, the MSEE will put the MSET program out of business per Ray.  
  • Currin stated that Bush told him that numbers are up for Engineering Technology and Engineering  
  • What is the strategic plan for Engineering Technology and Engineering:
  • How do you make the decision to put forward degree proposals?  
  • Szafran stated that we can make one of three decisions - get rid of Engineering, get rid of Engineering Technology, or be successful in both.  
  • Ray does not feel support is being given to Engineering Technology.  
  • Need to talk about how these degrees will affect the degrees in Engineering Technology.  
  • Zvi believes both programs can be successful and should develop new programs and recruit.  
  • Engineering is holding back waiting for Engineering Technology to redefine itself.  
  • Zvi disagrees that engineering has been stunted - programs are growing and resources have been given to them. Zvi, Tom and Jeff need to sit down and talk about ways to support both Engineering Technology and Engineering.  
  • Currin stated he is not opposed to Engineering Technology offering degrees in Engineering Technology that have the same name as Engineering degrees.  


This discussion is to be continued.  Szafran asked for endorsement to move these degrees forward.  Consensus was yes.   The P&P on new programs needs to be updated badly.  The Board of Regents has changed its P&P numerous times since ours was created.  We also need to streamline the process - Currin talked about the current process:  review by deans and faculty senate, the prospectus then goes to Zvi and the president and then downtown for approval or not.  This is Board of Regents policy.  If the Board approves, we then do the full proposal for submission to UCC or GPC.

Szafran clarified the two steps:  1 – the prospectus or proposal is discussed by deans, the faculty, Zvi and the president and then sent downtown and 2 – the full proposal is created to include curriculum and then will go to UCC or GPC and then to senate for approval



Item 3. Student Awards


Szafran stated he was surprised and disappointed at the recent Student Awards Ceremony by the low numbers of awards given and that some of the academic departments gave no awards at all.   In defense, one Council member asked if it is supposed to be a true awards ceremony or does everyone just get an award?   Others commented that the program should not be so long and should not be on a Friday night and perhaps there would be more involvement.  It was also suggested to have an MC read the script and the department member give the student the award to further facilitate the program.  Zvi encouraged all departments to give awards for outstanding students and stated if funding is the problem, he can help. 



Item 4. New Policy on Events, Summer Camps, Etc.


Szafran and Alana are working on a draft policy which was originally written for athletic camps but has been redrafted to fit the camps offered in Academic Affairs.  This is being done to be sure that we have a policy that deals with minors, background checks for volunteers, waivers, etc.  It was suggested to separate policies from processes - have a faculty handbook to address such things not a policy and procedure.  Zvi stated basic steps should be in the business process and asked if any of the steps seem problematic?  It was suggested that the draft policy be circulated to those who actually have presented camps in the past for input.   Deans will circulate the draft policy on minors to camp directors and report back to Zvi in two weeks.


Item 5. New Business


  • The CLEP testing authorization form approved previously requires only the signature of the advisor but it was asked that it be changed to have the department chairs approve.  There was a brief discussion but no consensus to change form so it will remain the same.
  • It was suggested that the Council needs to have an executive session to deal with student complaints.



Action Item(s):


  • Zvi, Tom, and Jeff need to sit down and talk about ways to support both Engineering Technology and Engineering.  
    • Deans will circulate the draft policy on minors to camp directors and report back to Zvi in two weeks.




Future Agenda Item(s):




The meeting adjourned at 3:25 PM