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Extended Deans Council Meeting

February 13, 2013

C 131


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Steve Hamrick, Ruston Hunt, Yongli Ma, Thomas Nelson, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:   Jeff Ray


Guests:  Tom Ball for Jeff Ray; Joel Fowler, Faculty Observer



Item 1. Approval of Minutes


The minutes from January 16, 2013 and January 23, 2013 were approved with one correction to the January 23 minutes:  correct “Nobel prize winner” to “Pulitzer prize winner” in the reference to Isabel Wilkerson.  Corrected.


Item 2. Updates


Szafran updated the Council on the following:


  • Budget – no news
  • Adult Learning Consortium - Szafran recently attended the 2-day Adult Learning Consortium meeting which was also attended by several Board of Regents staff.  Among items discussed was the continuing goal of reaching an additional 250,000 credentialed Georgians and MOOCs.
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Committee – Becky Rutherfoord gave an update on the work being done by the committee and stated that a course has been developed for coordinators on campus.  She also stated that we need to re-address our charge for credit by exam to see if the fee should be increased.
  • Szafran will attend the RACAA and Complete College Georgia meetings.
  • Reichgelt – visited universities in Ghana and Cameroon to explore new and existing partnerships and stated that he sees many opportunities for SPSU.
  • New Degrees – the two environmental full proposals have been updated to meet the new BoR requirements for submission.
  • Rose Street Property – purchase was approved at the Board of Regents meeting yesterday.



Item 3. 5th Year SACS Report


Becky Rutherfoord went over the timeline for the completion of our upcoming SACS 5th Year Report.  The report will include a mini self-study and results of our QEP which must show that we collected data and followed our process regardless of the outcome.  Becky asked for recommendations for chairs and committee members (may include staff) as soon as possible so that the committees can be formed and work can begin.  The final report will be edited and reviewed by Senior Staff and must be completed by Spring 2015.  Becky further stated that it is critical that a SACSCOC liaison be identified and allowed to shadow her until she retires so that they will be ready to take over this responsibility.



Item 4. Part-Time Faculty Pay


The deans each reported on the pay scale and criteria used to determine the pay rate for the part-time faculty in their departments. The results varied between schools and even between departments within the same school.  After a discussion, the following points were suggested:


  • Should SPSU do a market study on this topic?
  • Szafran can ask other VPAA’s what they are doing as well as talk with Human Resources.
  • Look at the cost as well as revenue generated.
  • Extra compensation for full-time faculty is based on the pay rate for part-time faculty as required by the BoR so this will need to be a consideration as well.


Szafran stated that it is acceptable to have different rates between schools and even departments but that the deans need to be able to rationalize this.  He asked the deans to prepare a proposed pay scale and rational for their school as a whole or by department.  The criteria may include a base salary with increases for degree held, teaching experience, undergraduate versus graduate courses, and length of service at SPSU.   This is due in two weeks and will be reviewed at a future Deans Council meeting.




Item 5. End of Year Additions


  • Building J – Infrastructure – approximately $150,000
  • Building G - furniture



Item 6. Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule


It was suggested that the Faculty Senate meet more often and suggested at least bi-weekly meetings or a different meeting time that would allow longer meetings when needed.  The Council agreed and asked Tom to draft something for them to review and forward to the Faculty Senate.



Item 7. Space Issues


The Council discussed space needs and even with the acquisition of the Rose Street property there will be a severe shortage of faculty office space for Fall 2013.  Szafran stated that hiring has not been determined for next year yet so our real needs have not been determined.  Szafran will follow up with Bill Prigge about the possibility of using space in the residence halls for faculty and will report back his findings.  Tom Currin and Jeff Ray are working out the details regarding the SME office space.





Item 8. Center for Digital Engagement


This was approved by the Council and will be forwarded to Dr. Rossbacher for review and approval.


Russ Hunt also stated that we need to have some procedure in place to handle accepting or denying industry donations.  Hunt will send something to Zvi on establishing a procedure for handling industry donations to take to Senior Staff for discussion.



Item 9.  New Business


  • ACALOG – a new catalog software program has been purchased.
  • Summer Pay – Szafran suggested that the Council needs to review the summer pay policy since the numbers are down from last summer but wants to review the report from Faculty Senate before making any changes.





Action Items:


  • Szafran will follow up with Bill Prigge about the possibility of using space in the residence halls for faculty and will report back his findings.
  • Hunt will send something to Zvi on establishing a procedure for handling industry donations to take to Senior Staff for discussion.




Future Agenda Items:




Meeting Adjourned at 3:58PM