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Extended Deans Council Meeting

January 16, 2013

C 131


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.


Members:  Dave Caudill, Rich Cole, Tom Currin, Steve Hamrick, Ruston Hunt, Yongli Ma, Thomas Nelson, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Becky Rutherfoord, Zvi Szafran


Members Absent:  


Guests:  Betsy Adams, OSP; Marilyn Shortridge, Admissions; Joel Fowler, Faculty Observer; Susan VandeVen, IT



Item 1. updates

Szafran updated the Council on the following:

  • Budget - cut of 3% already imposed and covered by SPSU for this year and will continue into next fiscal year.  The Governor announced the possibility of an additional 2% cut which SPSU could cover as well.  There will likely be less money available for large capital items and more money for smaller projects in the state budget.
  • Rose Street property – progressing and assuming all conditions have been met and paperwork completed this should be on the February Board of Regents agenda.
  • On-campus summer camps – We are looking at how the money from these camps is being handled and also requiring annual background checks for summer camp employees, including faculty.  A policy is forthcoming that should clarify how this will impact our campus.
  • Out-of-state licensing law – a new law requires universities offering online activities to students out of state to be licensed in that state.  This law also applies to recruiting out of state.  David Stone is working to get us licensed in the states in which we have online students and do recruiting.  If the states(s) don’t license us we won’t be able to accept students from that state and it may affect our ability to recruit in that state(s).  More information will be forthcoming as it is available.
  • Complete College Georgia – a group from SPSU will be attending this meeting on the 18th and 19th of February.
  • Enrollment –up 5-6% for spring and 6.7% up for fall.
  • Isabel Wilkerson, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, is coming to SPSU on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 6 pm in the Theater to discuss her book, "The Warmth of Other Suns."  There will be a book signing following her talk.  Please rsvp through Jill Forest.
  • Betsy Adams reminded the Council that Russ Hunt is putting together an Institutional Research Board committee and asked the Council to let Russ know if anyone else needs to be added to the committee that the deans have not already recommended. 



Item 2.  CLEP Exam Issues

Betsy Adams and Marilyn Shortridge visited the meeting today to talk about issues that have come up in Continuing Education when students show up to take CLEP exams.  On more than one occasion, students have asked Con. Ed. staff questions about how or where the CLEP exam will count at SPSU.  The staff are there to help the students and administer the exams but are not trained to answer advising questions.  Suggestions from the Council on how to handle this problem included:


  • Treat students like transient students and require them to bring a form to Continuing Education that has been signed by their advisor and the department chair stating what the course will be accepted for, etc.
  • Szafran stated that it was his impression that all departments have already approved the courses that can be tested out of by CLEP and these are posted on the web page.
  • Sometimes a CLEP test may not be listed on the web page or the catalog.
  • A procedure is needed to protect students from taking a CLEP exam(s) for course(s) that won’t help them.
  • Should students be limited as to how many times they can take the test(s)?
  • Some CLEP exams need to be reviewed and added if they can be used and find a way to assure the students will get the credit.
  • Keep repository of approved courses covered by CLEP with a disclaimer that the student should see the Chair before taking the exam to be sure credit will be given.
  • Need updated web page for faculty, advisors, and students to review.
  • The help desk support should refer students to the department when they have questions about credit
  • No form; rules need to be easier to understand and advisors trained to better understand the complexities involved.
  • Require form signed by advisor?  The consensus of this body was yes and yes to making sure the web page is updated and kept current.
  • How do we handle misadvised students?
  • In reality, students can take CLEP exams anywhere without any permission.  Con. Ed. staff should not give advice and should refer students to their advisor or department if they have questions.
  • It was decided to make sure the web page for CLEP credit is updated (Maralee Clark and Becca Tuck update the web page) and require students to get their advisors’ signature on a permission form before taking a CLEP test.  Marilyn Shortridge will draft a permission form to take a CLEP exam and will send it to Betsy Adams.


Item 3. Reinstatement Issues

Susan VandeVen visited the Council today to talk about issues brought up by the reinstatement committee.  She stated that students are not being advised to see their professional advisor.  Students should be seeing their advisor when they are suspended, not just when they petition for reinstatement.  Problems are not restricted to undergraduate students. There have been cases of graduate students seeking reinstatement that have been unable to get in touch with their coordinator because it is between semesters.  It was suggested that they should be referred to their department chairs or deans who are here during the breaks.  Szafran suggested that the Graduate Programs Committee needs to address reinstatement for graduate students.  It was also decided that the reinstatement petition should direct students to see their professional advisor.


Item 4. Start Up Issues

  • D2L communication issues with Banner is causing confusion.  Hamrick reminded the Council that Banner and D2L are synced only once a day so rolls may not always reflect added students until that happens.  Students who drop must be manually dropped from D2L.  David Stone will send out an email reminding faculty about Banner and D2L inconsistencies and how to address.
  • Registrar’s page should have a FAQ or blog.
  • Classroom issues continue, difficult to move classes to accommodate larger than expected numbers
  • Inappropriate conflict overrides are still happening possibly because of lack of training and understanding of the consequences.
  • ELS is taking larger classrooms and big blocks of time but is willing to work with departments if asked.  Scott Bigler is the new ELS Director.
  • Graduate assistantships need to be discussed in the future to determine what kind of work is appropriate for graduate assistants, especially those outside Academic Affairs.  The President is reviewing all waivers including assistantships.  Prigge is collecting data on the revenue lost by graduate assistantship waivers.  Pay for graduate assistants needs to be increased.  Szafran suggested that the Graduate Programs Committee review these issues and issue guidelines for appropriate/non-appropriate uses of graduate assistants, updates needed to the P&P, etc.  Nikki will refer graduate assistant concern and issues to the GPC.  Additionally, Szafran will bring graduate assistantship concerns and issues up with the Senior Staff.
  • Some faculty are forgetting to set final exam flags on their courses and this continues to cause problems.  Deans want feedback on the faculty that are not complying.  Steve agreed to create a temporary final exam schedule for review to hopefully flush out errors but this will slow down setting the final exam schedule.
  • New hires – January hires have been made – those not filled will be re-advertised for the fall.  Chair ads will be separate from the faculty ad.
  • Capital and year end spending – has not been affected by budget cuts and Szafran wants each dean’s list of needs by the second week of February for discussion.  He anticipates $1,000,000 available for spending.
  • Mini grants – the committee has made recommendations for awards of approximately $75,000 in mini grant funding.  Szafran will send out the list of those awarded mini grants this afternoon.
  • Space requests – Zvi will email the formal space requests to the deans for review.


Item 5. New Business

  • Graduate applications are already coming in for Civil Engineering and Architecture.
  • Christina Conrad has moved to Student and Enrollment Services and Latoya Hawes has taken her place.
  • Discussions need to begin regarding space for next fall for new faculty.
  • Searches will begin soon to replace Joyce Mills, Richard Bennett, Nancy Reichert, and Steve Hamrick.
  • Emergency shelter signs are being put up on campus.  Chief Bauer will present to the Academic Leadership Council.
  • RETP has expired (last semester); Currin sent email to the campus this morning to be sure everyone is aware of this.
  • Cobb Parkway Redevelopment – SPSU hosted a meeting regarding the Route 41 Project.


Action Items:

  • Nikki will refer graduate assistant concerns and issues to the GPC. 
  • Szafran will bring graduate assistantship concerns and issues up with the Senior Staff.
  • Szafran will send out the list of faculty awarded mini grants this afternoon.
  • Zvi will email the formal space requests to the deans for review



Future Agenda Items:


  • Discussions need to begin regarding space for next fall for new faculty.



Meeting Adjourned at 3:55PM