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Deans Council Meeting


May 9, 2012


Note:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in these meetings be excluded from these minutes.

Members:  Bill Barnes, Dave Caudill, Tom Currin, Steve Hamrick, Ruston Hunt, Joyce Mills, Thomas Nelson, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Zvi Szafran

Members Absent:   Jeffrey Ray

GuestsTom Ball for Jeff Ray


Item 1. Updates

Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following

  • Capital Budget – Szafran needs departmental requests if they have not already been submitted.  Requests totaling approximately $380,000 have been executed and Szafran is inclined to spend another $380,000 from the list which may actually cover everything requested.
  • Mergers – Szafran talked about a recent AJC article about USG mergers
  • Year End Funds – Senior Staff met recently and talked about the highest priorities for spending approximately $2,300,000.  Academic Affairs will likely get renovations to Building G., and greenhouse expenses if still needed.  Items not likely to be funded include the proposed prefab building, renovations to Building M, and Howell is unlikely because of a bond issue.  Senior Staff will be talking about space more specifically and non-faculty personnel needs next Tuesday.
  • Zimbra is scheduled to be down for several days next week.  It was suggested that this is not a good time to schedule the upgrade needed and Szafran responded that Conn is looking to see if the date can be moved to later in the month.
  • ENG – Currin reported that CE has its first graduate and only female graduate ever this semester as well as three EE graduates.
  • The Gober twins will receive top honors at graduation.  The MDJ is running articles on them as well as the first female CE graduate.
  • Library – Mills reported that they have been having an issue with students trying to access open labs and finding them closed even though they have posted open hours.  Han is addressing this.
  • Pre/Post-Tenure reviews – Szafran asked the deans to get outstanding packets in as soon as possible.  Szafran talked about the appeal process for non-reappointment and that he has the final decision.
  • Faculty Hires – Szafran stated that he is making offers to candidates as soon as the paperwork comes in and the President approves it.   He reminded the Council that he must have an approved Form D before he can do the critical hire form for the President’s approval.
  • Dean of ACM Search – Szafran has talked to the deans and the search committee members and will review all information, presentations by the candidates, etc. and try to make a recommendation to the President by next week.
  • New Programs
    • MSCE – no news
    • DPS – has been sent to Szafran for comment
    • Environmental Science – prospectus is ready to go to the VPAA
  • Establishing a New Departments – a proposal to split the Biology, Chemistry & Physics Department has been presented to the VPAA for review.
  • Szafran reminded everyone of commencement on Saturday from 10-2:00


Item #2.  Academic Program Review

Because of a mandate from the Board of Regents, Becky has updated the Academic Program Review P&P to incorporate the items needed.  The P&P needs Council approval and then needs to be approved by Senior Staff.  Next followed a discussion about whether or not this administrative P&P needs faculty approval.  Becky proposed that if this policy has to be approved by the Senate, it be instated as an interim policy until the Senate can review it and make a decision on it.  She reminded the Council that we are legally obligated to have this policy in place and that it is mandated by the Board of Regents.  It was suggested that there be a time limit assigned to any P&P that goes to the Senate for approval.  It was decided that for now the Council would vote on the policy today and that Szafran would then bring it to Dr. Rossbacher for input and guidance about how best to proceed.  It was unanimously approved.


Item 3. CTE Professional development  Plan and Advisor Training

CTE Proposal – Szafran will draft something based on feedback from the ALC and the Council.

Advisor Training – feedback from the ALC on this was favorable for the training but opposed to payment for this.  After further discussion the Council approved the following:

  • Faculty will complete the coursework over a three year period
  • They will submit a proposal on how to improve advising and present it to their department
  • After completion of the above they will receive a $1,000 stipend

It was suggested further that each master advisor shadow a professional advisor.  Szafran agreed to bring these changes to the original proposal back to the committee for review.


Item 4. Complete College Georgia

Szafran stated that he is preparing the report due July 1, 2012, using the metrics suggested from the Council.  He stated that each department should be generating a RPG report using at least the five web reports he gave them and it should include the last three years and how they will address problematic courses.  This is due to Szafran from the deans on June 7, 2012.


Item 5. Graduate Programs Proposal

Postponed to a later date.


Item 6. New business

  • New Center Proposal – the African Heritage Foundation has submitted a proposal to become a center.  After discussion it was decided to reject the proposal in its current form.  Han agreed to follow up with Chief Tunde on this.
  • SPSU 1001 – Becky and Sarah Holliday have been updating SPSU 1001 and will send it out to everyone.  Becky requested one or two faculty to work with her so that they will be able to take over when she retires.  Send suggested faculty names to Zvi.
  • IT – Dave Caudill reported that his experiences with IT have been phenomenal since Sam Conn came on board.
  • iPads – Anyone who needs information on purchasing an iPad should refer to the IT policy.