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ALC Meeting
February 5, 2014
Q 202

NOTE:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in meetings be excluded from these minutes.


ALC MEMBERS:  Austin Asgill, Tom Ball, Sam Beadles, Jill Brady, Renee Butler, David Caudill, Richard Cole, Nancy Colyar, Lance Crimm, Tom Currin, Alan Gabrielli, Bob Homer, Ruston Hunt, Wendy Kallina, Alana Kyriakakis, Andrew McMorran, Thomas Nelson, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Iraj Omidvar, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Phil Patterson, Hassan Pournaghshband, Dawn Ramsey, Jeffrey Ray, Han Reichgelt, Ronny Richardson, Tony Rizzuto, Becky Rutherfoord, Raj Sashti, Khalid Siddiqi, Mark Sugalski, Linda Sun, John Sweigart, Zvi Szafran, and Tim Zeigler


MEMBERS ABSENT:   Austin Asgill, Sam Beadles, Jill Brady, David Caudill, Nancy Colyar, Lance Crimm, Bob Homer, Wendy Kallina, Alana Kyriakakis, Nikki Palamiotis, Hassan Pournaghshband, Khalid Siddiqi, and Tim Zeigler


GUESTS:  Yongli Ma for Nancy Colyar


Item 1.  Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the December 4, 2013, Academic Leadership minutes were approved.

Item 2.  Updates

Szafran updated the Council on the following: 

  • Raises next year?  Money is in the pool for salary adjustments in an effort to keep personnel.  The pool is approximately $12 million; our share might be approximately $120,000.  No definite decision about percentages, etc.
  • Guns on campus - legislation seems to be stalled due to Constitutional issues
  • Privatizing college housing - several campuses have been designated for private housing.  SPSU was not among those chosen.
  • New degrees during consolidation?  No new degrees can be proposed without concurrence from Kennesaw State University.  SPSU currently has proposals for four masters degrees in Engineering that have already passed the UCC and faculty senate.  Zvi has met with the Provost and President at KSU and all agree they should move forward.
  • Faculty searches – Szafran emailed the deans and chairs with a status update on the paperwork for the faculty searches. He explained that the process was started later than usual this year and additionally he had to wait until all requests were complete and submitted to him before going forward.  All personnel requests have been processed and forwarded to Budget.  Ads were edited as needed and minor errors corrected.   The packets went to Budget on February 4, 2014, and will go to HR next.  Szafran reminded the Council that no advertising can be done until after Forms A have been approved and the ad copy has been posted on the SPSU website.  The departments will receive a signed copy of the Form A when approved and Crystal in HR will notify everyone once the jobs are posted on the HR web site.  If all goes as planned, the ad should be published in the Chronicle by February 28, both in print and online.
  • Step Afrika presentation is at 7:00 PM in the Theatre tomorrow February 6.
  • Sexual Violence - reception and presentation is at 6:00 PM tonight.
  • Brazil Program - Raj updated the Council on the Brazil program – SPSU had 4 students in the fall; 7 more for the spring semester.   Raj thanked the Council for their help and support.

Item 3.  Changes in Instructor Initiated Withdrawals

It has come to our attention that our policy on instructor initiated withdrawals is clearly in violation of BoR policy and possibly in violation of Federal law so will no longer be an option.  Jill Brady is working on alternatives. All faculty should be made aware of this and more information will be disseminated as it becomes available.

Item 4.  Monitoring On-Line Faculty

Ronny Richardson has been working with Brichaya Shah to find ways to monitor online faculty to be sure they are actually meeting with their classes, how much time they are spending online with their students, etc., in response to student complaints.



Item 5.  Issues Related to the Late 8-Week Semester Registration
Han stated that students who take 8-week courses are having difficulty registering for the late 8 week semester and also withdrawing and that a solution needs to be found.  Zvi responded that he has talked to Jill about this and found that there are financial aid restrictions that can inhibit this process.  Since this type of course scheduling is popular, Szafran suggested Jill and Financial Aid work with other institutions to see how they handle this.  Han disagreed that this is a financial aid issue and would like to see this resolved in the Registrar's office.  

Item 6.  Consolidation Issues


  • Julie and Becky will be updating the Council when they have information to share.  
  • The Vision and Mission statement is almost complete; colleges will be decided soon and they will be looking at the upper organization soon, hopefully within the next two to three weeks.  
  • Renee is also on the implementation committee.  
  • Szafran talked about a couple of the OWGs that he is co-chairing that have been changed around a bit based on conversations he and KSU's co-chair have had and both agree make the most sense.  As the OWGs are meeting they are finding some of their topics need to be moved to another OWG or they need to collaborate with another OWG as the topics overlap.
  • e-Core is another issue to be considered because KSU does not participate but SPSU does.  Rich Cole and others are meeting with the head of e-Core on Friday and asked for input.  Hunt stated that this may be decided by the Board of Regents and that a proposal is being developed to provide low-cost online courses for students.  If passed, this will affect not only KSU's online courses but all live courses as well since the proposed tuition for online courses will be less than taking the live version.
  • Undergraduate research is not listed in any of the OWGs and Julie suggested it needs to be. Renee Butler suggested that it might be a good fit for one of her OWGs.
  • Chairs of the OWGs will be receiving training in Team Dynamics and encouraged all to sign up.
  • Becky stated that the SACs working group will be getting with each OWG regarding SACs compliance.
  • Szafran encouraged all to bring any consolidation issues they may have to their deans
    OWGs – have been given three paths to take as they begin their tasks: look at what SPSU is doing, look at what KSU is doing, or consider the possibility of doing something different all together as we move to creating a new university.  Szafran stated that we don't have to choose the way one or the other university is doing something but should see this as a chance to create something entirely new.
  • Iraj would like to see a forum created for the chairs/co-chairs of the consolidation committees to be able to come together to share ideas, concerns, etc.  Szafran reiterated that every meeting he has attended so far has been positive and has been seen by both universities as the coming together of equals.  Szafran encouraged all to be open and to share information with other OWGs.
  • Julie stated that the implementation committee meetings have a recorder and a reporter from the AJC attend all of the meetings.  She encouraged all, if asked, to give committee members any information they may ask for as quickly as possible.

Item 7.  New Business


  • Jesse James Allen - will be on campus Monday for a presentation.
  • RFP announced yesterday from Dawn for marketing online programs - due February 18.
  • Deadlines – the next Deans Council meeting will discuss capital items - be sure the deans know what you need
  • Promotion/Tenure - Szafran has reviewed all but two of the packets he has received to date and stated he is aware of a few additional packets that are still in progress.  He needs these as soon as possible so that Dr. Rossbacher can begin her review.  
  • Szafran not begun the January reappointments but has checked to see if there are any non-reappointments so that we can be sure to meet notification deadlines.  Otherwise, he will get to them as soon as he can and faculty will be notified as their packets are reviewed.
  • Szafran will check to see how classroom assignments will be handled for the summer semester and let the chairs know.


Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM