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Academic Leadership Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2012



NOTE:  At times, issues of confidentiality may require that some items discussed in meetings be excluded from these minutes.

ALC MEMBERS:  Austin Asgill, Tom Ball, Bill Barnes, Sam Beadles, Richard Bennett, Renee Butler, David Caudill, Lance Crimm, Tom Currin, Venu Dasigi, Ameen Farooq, Pam Frinzi, Alan Gabrielli, Chan Ham, Steven Hamrick, Bob Homer, Ruston Hunt, Andrew McMorran, Joyce Mills, Thomas Nelson, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Jeff Orr, Nikki Palamiotis, Phil Patterson, Dawn Ramsey, Jeffrey Ray, Nancy Reichert, Han Reichgelt, Ronny Richardson, Becky Rutherfoord, Khalid Siddiqi, George Stickel, Denise Stover, Mark Sugalski, John Sweigart, Zvi Szafran, Andy Wang, and Tim Zeigler




Item 1. Updates

Dr. Szafran updated the Council on the following

  • BoR – Tuition is going up by 2.5%
  • Summer revenue will be split between fiscal years this summer
  • Formula funding in the past has been linked to the previous two year’s enrollment but that is no longer the case.  Funding received this year is to be spent on pay for faculty; replacing budget cut money; and support of on-line learning.
  • A new CAO has been announced to replace David Morgan at the Board of Regents
  • There continues to be issues with ADP with no immediate resolution in sight
  • The Board has received a RFP for an E-major franchise to offer undergraduate online degrees and will be looking for a campus to administer it similar to the way e-Core is being operated.
  • Bob Homer reminded the Council that he needs goals and conclusions by early June.
  • Academic Program Reviews – Becky Rutherfoord announced to the Council that she and Bob Homer would be happy to meeting with the department chairs and provide any help they can.  She also reminded the department with accredited programs that they can use their accreditation reports for the academic program reviews but will need to submit an addendum to satisfy the Board of Regents.


Item #2.  Complete College Georgia

Dr. Szafran announced that the one page summary report that was due to the Board of Regents was submitted on April 20, 2012.  The summary followed the model discussed at the last ALC meeting.  Our final report is due by July 1, 2012.


Item #3.  Space Allocation

  • Szafran announced that slight modifications were made to the space allocation procedure to facilitate collegiality campus wide.  All existing requests have been moved forward to Facilities even if the request did not identify a specific space.
  • The greenhouse solar panels are going up.
  • Searches – Szafran reminded the Council that on conclusion of a faculty search, the head of the search committee will notify Human Resources to remove the ad from their website and to notify the applicants that the position has been filled.  He reminded the chairs to be sure they let their search committee chairs know of this policy.
  • Dean of ACM – to date three of the four candidates have been interviewed.


Item #4. Two CTE Proposals

For the past 2 ½ years the CTE Advisor Committee has been working on two proposals.  The first is on Internal Professional Development and the second on Master Advisory Training.  Dawn briefly described the two policies and the reasoning behind them.  According to Dawn, faculty participating in on-campus workshops through the CTE are not being given consistent credit by their chairs for professional growth and development.  This procedure was created to help clarify how much weight should be put on internal activities as compared to activities required by outside agencies.  Dawn is trying to come up with some way to have internal activities count as professional growth and development and considered for promotion/tenure/reappointment, etc.  There was a long discussion on the pros and cons of her proposal and a few of the comments/questions/concerns were:

  • Should this be included in the faculty activities P&P?
  • It is a significant issue that faculty don’t have a clear idea of what counts towards progression towards promotion/tenure.
  • Blanket policy is not a good idea because this differs from person to person, department to department
  • Establish a new P&P?
  • There should be a certain amount of on-campus participation – a minimal level
  • Do survey to find out if faculty want these activities to be offered
  • This should not be mandated
  • Leave it up to the chairs/deans to decide what is important
  • Should these workshops be considered support of teaching instead of professional growth and development?
  • Chairs should be working with the CTE to offer workshops they feel will be relevant and important to their faculty

The second proposal was on creating a Master Advisor track for faculty where at the end of the training the faculty would be given a raise similar to that given for promotions.  Again, there was a lot of discussion and it was determined that the Deans Council will take comments into account and make a recommendation on both proposals.


Item 5. Summer Pay

Szafran discussed the recent changes to the summer pay policy that will be effective this summer and reminded the Council that the best way to assure their faculty teaching in the summer receive the maximum pay they can is to have a permanent schedule in place and offer courses wisely.


Item 6. New Business

  • Szafran reminded the Council that anyone attending the Summit must register and that the Deans have all been given sufficient funding to cover this.  Students should be encouraged to submit posters and so far there are only two exhibits scheduled.  Szafran needs to know as soon as possible if there will be any additional exhibits.
  • Ronny Richardson talked about his decision to create a generic email address for his new administrative assistant so that he could access this account in her absence and asked that email be sent to her at this email address instead of her personal email address.
  • Szafran announced that he is trying out a new iPad and if departments wish to purchase them to send a rationale to the deans.  He will distribute the new policy on iPad purchase as soon as he has it.


The meeting adjourned at 4:22 PM